Dhoom in Paradise for Hrithik & Suzzane

Hrithik & Suzanne Roshan

Hrithik & Suzanne Roshan

Hrithik Roshan & Barbara Mori (Kites)

Hrithik Roshan & Barbara Mori (Kites)


The cast & crew of "Kites"

You know I was marveling just the other day how Hrithik & Sussane Roshan appear to have the perfect marriage. She supports him utterly and he’s only got eyes for her. So imagine my dismay when my trusted Mid Day news alert flashed “Bollywood dream couple Sussane-Hrithik split” I immediately had to investigate.

If reports are to be believed, Susanne Roshan has walked out on husband Hrithik with their two kids and moved into her parents’ home in Juhu due to Hrithik’s growing proximity to his Kites co-star Barbara Mori. The buzz is that Susanne had been trying to cope with this for months, but finally made up her mind to walk out. The Roshan family insists that the star’s wife has shifted temporarily due to renovations in the house, but according to close sources, that’s far from the truth. Barbara is no “phase” a family friend confided, “Hrithik and Susanne have been having problems for a while now. Initially, everyone thought that Barbara was just another phase in his life. Nobody expected Hrithik to get so serious about her. Susanne has been trying to come to terms with it. But when nothing worked, even her parents supported Susanne in her decision to leave him.”


Rumours about the Hrithik-Barbara affair have been the talk of the industry for over two months now. The couple apparently got really close during the last shooting spell in Mumbai. Hrithik has also become extremely fond of her family, including her mother and her brother. Hrithik even made a trip to Amby Valley near Lonavala with the actresses’ family, minus his wife.  I’m told “The couple hasn’t been making public appearances together for months, including at awards functions (except I saw them together at fashion week and they seemed fine)  I’m now told this was to allay talk of trouble in paradise they made an appearance together at Amrita Arora’s wedding, but their body language spoke volumes.

“Both Sanjay & Zarine Khan have given Suzzane her the emotional strength to take the right call. All they want for their daughter is her happiness,” says a source. However, Susanne still continues to be on good terms with Hrithik’s family, who are hoping that this is just a momentary glitch in their relationship. Pinky & Rakesh Roshan haven’t given up hope yet. “They are hoping to find a solution to the problem once Hrithik is back in town,” says the friend. “Something major must have happened between the couple in the last three days because Susanne walked out of the house when Hrithik was away,” reveals the source. Barbara Mori is believed to be abroad. “Of course the families currently maintain that, “this is completely untrue. Duggu and Susanne are very happy and very much in love. Susanne had to shift out of their flat last week with the two kids as their ceiling is undergoing anti-termite treatment. The kids can’t stay at home while the treatment is going on so Susanne is staying at her mom’s place and should be back home in a couple of days when work gets over.”

But even if they make up, sources close to the couple insist they’ll be treading on thin ice. Hrithik Roshan flew in last night from South Africa and drove straight to meet Susanne at her parents’ place in Juhu. Hrithik said, “I am here sitting with Susanne in her mom’s house after dining with the entire family. We have both shifted here for a week with the kids because of termite problems. “We are renovating sections of our floor.”

I sure hope so Hrithik, I sure hope so.



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8 responses to “Dhoom in Paradise for Hrithik & Suzzane

  1. its just that ugly bitch drugie pros sussan herself talknig about her failed marriage with superstar successful hrithik to each and every reporter.may this pros hijri sussan die soon

  2. we wish that fugly cheapest druggie slut suzzan has walked out of hrithik’s life FOREVER..i wish he had left that begger loser witch suzzan

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  6. ahh bulshit or publicity stunt for KITES. I dont think Hrithik is a respected guy towards his chilhood sweetheart wife, very few in bollywood.

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