Suzzane and Hrithik – Paradise Found

Hrithik and Suzzane Roshan

Hrithik and Suzzane Roshan

Suzzane Roshan reached a reconciliation of sorts with her husband Hrithik Roshan after leaving home three days earlier. Apparently a lot can change in a day (and once the paparazzi gets wind of it.) The drama began late Monday night when Hrithik landed from South Africa (where he was shooting for an ad film) and received a text message about his wife’s exit from home. The actor went straight from the airport to Sanjay Plaza (Sanjay Khan’s residence) where his wife was staying and put her on line with a reporter. What was surprising, was the fact that Mrs. Roshan did not issue any denial.

“Where do you hear these things?” she asked. “Hrithik and I are happy. I don’t believe the rumors about Barbara Mori.” Then came the most unexpected request from Susanne. “I’m telling you all this but I don’t want to be quoted on anything,” she added.

Why did she not want to refute rumors of trouble in her marriage is something only Susanne can explain
When a reporter spoke to Hrithik, he stated, “I’m on the top and there are people who want to pull me down. I have been linked to many heroines earlier but none of it is true.”

That night, Hrithik stayed over at his in-laws’ place and the couple talked all night. Together, they decided to make it work before the news damaged either of their reputations. At which point Susanne decided to go on record to some media personnel that all was well in her personal life.



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