Button up Butthead!

Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar

Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar

You heard about this right? At Lakme Fashion Week Akshay Kumar was charged with “indulging in obscene acts in public” because his wife Twinkle Khanna (somewhat reluctantly) unbuttoned his Levis during Tarun Tahiliani’s show. Evidently social activist Anil Nair got his panties in a twist over the whole episode and filed a police complaint. Akshay Kumar and Twinkle was registered under Sec 294 of the Indian Penal Code. Akshay had already issued an apology for his acts.

Admittedly the visuals  do look a little raunchier than intended but honestly is this what qualifies as an obscene act these days? Unfortunately for him I don’t think he give Twinkle a heads up about the stunt either so she’s probably super pissed!

In his defense however the whole unbuttoning wasn’t just Akki’s raunchy whim, when he signed on to be the brand ambassador of Levi’s jeans (for the pretty packet of 12-15 crores for the campaign) he shot in various exotic locales with foreign supermodels to launch the 501 Jean which is a brand new form of the first pair of jeans that carried the tag Live unbuttoned.


When contacted, Akshay confirmed, “The word unbuttoned appealed to me. Unbuttoning is not an act but an attitude. Though it was hectic, I involved myself in this. The word unbuttoned has a meaning for me. I saw all the international ads that they have shot for the 501 button fly and being a part of this was certainly exciting. I am very selective in choosing the brands I endorse. The image and positioning of the brand is of utmost importance. Everything else is secondary.”


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One response to “Button up Butthead!

  1. Malika

    Twinkle darling, you are classy. Why do you give in to your beef cake gavarn husband. Why do women stoop so low for money. He looks stupid, vulgar and ridiculous. Photo’s are proof so take some time and see how you look.

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