Lets make Anoop Desai an American Idol!

Anoop Desai

Anoop Desai

Last night someone pointed out that we (especially all the Gujju’s in the house) should be real proud of the American Idol Season 8 finalist Anoop Desai (dubbed adorkable by his fan site!) As I blog this I’m watching the show and apart from the hilarious intros of hosts Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and (who Ryan Seacrest referred to as Darth Vader) Simon Cowell I’m also pretty happy to see a brown face in the finals. Unfortunately he’s in the bottom three tonight and is singing to save his spot. I think we should vote for him.

Here’s how: The voting number changes every week so watch the show or check out the weeks voting number on this website http://www.anoop-desai.webs.com voting starts at the end of the show, 10pm, and should last two hours.

As I finished blogging this I just heard Anoop is safe this week! lets keep it that way. Besides, you gotta love anyone who’d sing Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative” right?!



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7 responses to “Lets make Anoop Desai an American Idol!

  1. Maita

    I think Anoop is great! His vocals, his physique and most specially his looks and intelligence. The guy is just a class act!

  2. I’m so sad that Anoop got eliminated off of american idol. Even though the judges wasn’t really filling, he is still a great singer he has lots of potiental and good personality. He’s do talented and is such a sweet heart. I am sure that he will make it fare.

  3. Malika

    Save him why? Because he is Indian? The dude is average. Not fair. There are better singers.

  4. With due respect to all Anoop fans, (even I am one) I think that there are even more talented contestants other than Anoop to vote for this season, for example Danny Gokey for he has got a gr8 vocal range, everytime he gets gr8 comments from the judges, even Simon Cowell’s!
    And Anoop’s performance seems to be disappointing to them since last 2 weeks!!

    Scott MacIntyre was also gr8 but I feel so sorry for him that he got eliminated this week!

  5. missmalini

    Oops sorry guys, have fixed that post! If someone could update the voting number here in the comments every week that would be a great help!

  6. nke

    yes….. the number change every week. u have to watch the concert then u will no what is anoop # to vote.

    the vote # change every week…

  7. tom j

    Pl. don’t put the phone # like that.
    If you vote —-04 100% possibilities is that you are voting someone other than Anoop. Number changes every week! Please remove that post.

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