Bipasha Basu plays Holiday Maker

John Abraham and Bipasha Basu

John Abraham and Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu gets full props for sending her parents to the US for a month-long all-expenses paid trip. Bipasha says, “Giving them a holiday is the least I can do. Though my dad has traveled all around the world this will be his first trip to the US. Mom has been there before. I want to make it very special for them. We are still deciding on their route and which cities they will visit. In fact I keep telling them to splurge but my dad refuses to spend my money. Mom is as bad. She will love spending her husband’s money but not mine!”

When asked why she wasn’t joining them Bips smiled, “My parents are very independent and self-sufficient and love traveling on their own. Last year they visited Europe by themselves. Also, they will be gone for a month. I can’t take that much time off from my work schedule.” Bipasha starts shooting for Rohit Shetty’s “All The Best” next month.

Though Bipasha is happy to pack her parents off to the US she’s greatly disappointed by the poor response to “Aa Dekhe Zara” and blames it on the multiplex strike. “I am disheartened. This is my first film that I have felt so terrible about, otherwise normally I move on quickly. We work so hard for a film. Money and effort go into it and then the film doesn’t get a proper release it’s unfair! The multiplex owners should understand what film producers go through. I have no problem with the producers as they promoted it to the best of their abilities. If we had released it in the multiplexes it would have definitely done so much better. It makes one feel so helpless.”

The actress was so disappointed that she took a day off from work and spent it with John Abraham who was in Hyderabad shooting for “Hook Ya Crook.” She reveals, “I was feeling very low so I called up John. He asked me to join him there and I just flew down. When I reached there I told him that I just wanted to sleep and watch TV.”


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