Koel hooks a Frenchie


Did you hear about this? apparently Koel Puri got hitched to Frenchman Laurent Rinchet yesterday amid a small gathering of friends and family. (They’ve been engaged for about a month since their hush hush ceremony where only 50 people were invited and no cameras allowed! So he’s clearly under the radar and I couldn’t find a single picture for you.) Apart from Koel’s parents Aroon and Rekha Puri, I’m told Laurent’s close friends and relatives attended (and that he’s quite the chef which is what landed him the girl in the first place!) His friends flew down from Europe especially for the traditional Indian wedding. Laurent is into civil aviation and has a couple of assignments coming up, while Koel has her chat show and some other projects in the wings so their honeymoon is on hold.

I wonder how Rahul Bose feels about his ex long time beau getting married. Never easy right?

Koel Puri and Rahul Bose

Koel Puri and Rahul Bose


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