Shopaholic gets a reality check!

So remember Sabyasachi’s new Prêt line for summer? It’s available at Aza, Mumbai and I found out how much so you can cruise right in and browse (without having a heart attack in front of the sales staff when you spot an exposed price tag.) I kid you not this has happened to me at the very fancy Emporia Mall in Delhi which I scoped out during the Kingfisher Calander launch I fell in love with a technicolor Tarun Tahiliani sari which turned out to be way out of my league at 77,ooors ($1,549) so I did the uncomfortable U-turn from “I love it” to “I’m not sure, I’ll just look around and be back…” exit stage left as the sales staff (who’ve seen it all before) nodded at me indulgently (and undoubtedly giggled later) Ugh.




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