The Rich List

It just occurred to me to make a list of all the things I would do or own if I was filthy rich. I do not know if by the end of this I will feel depressed and hungry or somehow free of my materialistic shackles when I realize that stuff (no matter how shiny) is still only just stuff. (Feel free to add your Rich List in the comments section and share my epiphany.)


1. Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers from the Wizard of Oz


2. That House on the beach from “Sleeping with the Enemy”pink_ferrari-1

3. The 360 Modena Spider Ferrari (in pink)

4. Alicia Silverstone’s computerized, rotating wardrobe from the 1995 flick “Clueless”


5. A Roman holiday wandering down cobblestone streets with a certain someone

sonyvgn-c2906. A pink Sony Vaio

7. Perfect vision so I could wake up every morning with everything always in focus!

chopsticks-silver8. Chopsticks with my name on them at Taj Palace Hotel’s Japanese restaurant Wasabi, Mumbai. (Proof that I come there 3 nights a week just for a double helping of their to-die-for whitefish carpaccio.)

9. A budget-less Big Fat Indian Wedding.


10. A baby Panda because they’re south paw’s like me…

infinityjh11. Something they haven’t invented yet but I bet I’ll want one!

P.S. So yeah, stuff really is just stuff. Eventually, once you have it you only want more and the real value of it probably comes from the joy it brings you and those you love (and for some from the reaction you get from friends & family.) Having said that my birthday is coming up next month. (I’m just throwing that out there in case you happen to be filthy rich and are feeling particularly generous. :))



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8 responses to “The Rich List

  1. The four richest many people in the world are worth billions. Yes, that’s billions, having a “b.” How about millionaires? What do they do? I know some of them myself, so I can let you know that most of them are small business owners. They very own nursing properties, logging corporations, tile providers, movie rental shops, along with other kinds of businesses. A number of of them even personal household based businesses.

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  4. Sony VAIO VGN-CS215J/P
    Just received my Sony gorgeous pink laptop and tried to hooking my new matching Microsoft wireless mouse up to USB. Microsoft Vista recognized the mouse but the mouse will not operate. I also tried hooking up my new Kodak all in one printer without success.
    After spending over 5 hours on sunday tt Sony technical support I was no more ahead than when I first started.
    I now have a computer tech coming tomorrow to either get the mouse working on vista or downgrade me to XP.
    I am not faulting Sony because it is a great product and almost everything I own that is electronic is manufactured by Sony. The problem lies with Miscrosoft Vista!

  5. The ‘slippers’ seem like some medieval torture contraptions!


    Just like roses are red, and violets are blue,
    A Ferrari thats not red, will just not do!

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  7. emilfaust

    I hope lady luck is readin’ it with me. Who knows? Surely it might happen…:)

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