The Belvedere Party

Anil Chopra and Narendra Kumar Ahmed

Anil Chopra and Narendra Kumar Ahmed

Arjun Khanna

Arjun Khanna

Rajeev Samant

Rajeev Samant

Amitabh Nanda

Amitabh Nanda

And once you’ve had enough wine you’re always up for Vodka so we headed over to the Belvedere party happening at Matan Schabracq’s Zenzi Mills, Mumbai where someone astutely observed that the Belvedere “celebrity” guest list seems to be unique to itself and an interesting mix of firangs (that’s white people), fashion designers out of which I spotted Narendra Kumar (actually I spotted the hat first), Rocky S. and Arjun Khanna (who couldn’t figure out why I wanted to take his photograph), another ever-smiling wine man Rajeev Samant, fellow-blogger Amitabh Nanda and even the cosmetic giant Anil Chopra.

Amid a slew of progressive house beats, light-up ice cubes (and a room that looked a little bit like a disco version of sleeping beauty’s step mom’s boudoir) and perhaps not enough grape juice in my vodka the evening started something like this…




…and ended up like that.

Russian Proverb: Vodka is our enemy, so we’ll utterly consume it!


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