Preity and Ness are Splitsville

On Camera

On Camera

Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia

Off Camera

What just happened? All this while I thought Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia were “boyfriend-girlfriend” with a classic case of the his-mummy-doesn’t-like-me blues. But now in a missive to her Kings XI Punjab Indian Premiere League team Preity calls Ness a “work buddy – for now.” There’s so much wrong with this picture. Since when did Bollywood belles have to explain themselves to their cricket contingents (well I guess if I’m going to go there I may as well also ask since when did Bollywood belles have a cricket contingent?!)

Although there has been widespread speculation about the on-again-off-again relationship Preity and Ness share the actress has now made it official. Preity sent an e-mail to her Kings XI Punjab team explaining that the Bombay Dyeing scion is her “business partner” and they share (at best) a cordial working relationship. Apparently the actress does not want the Kings XI Punjab to be distracted by anything, least of all anything to do with her and Ness. (I’m thinking if they weren’t distracted so far they sure as hell will be now!)

The other great rumor doing the rounds claims that while “Preity has been open and forthcoming, Ness has not told his parents (Nusli and Maureen Wadia) or his brother (Jeh Wadia) about the changed personal equation with the actress. (But hang on a second wouldn’t mummy be thrilled?)

Maureen Wadia

Maureen Wadia

Finally I hear that actually Ness and Preity are “on a break” and have not broken up [insert appropriate Ross & Rachel “on a break” joke from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. here.] A little birdie from Cape Town adds that Preity is staying in a hotel with the other stars like Shah Rukh Khan and Shilpa Shetty but Ness, on the other hand, has rented a service apartment. As co-owners of the team, the duo has been sharing a common platform for the IPL-related events but the warmth and affection between them has now gone kaput and everyone can tell. Ironically last week Preity was mega pissed with a local Mumbai tabloid for insinuating that there was trouble in paradise and called it “a pure stetch of imagination in desktop journalism.” So Busted.



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4 responses to “Preity and Ness are Splitsville

  1. Malika

    If this is true, heartfelt congratulations.
    Preity is a self made woman in a league of her own.
    She needs to Maureen Wadia. She is ugly, bad hair do, sleazy Gladrags contests, the list is long. Who is she? An air hostess who married a surname and she wants to dictate who her son should marry. Crapony woman, start riding your horse into sunset cuz Preity is going to keep shinning.

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  3. happy

    i hope preity n ness haven’t broken up!! they look good together

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