New Kid on the Block


And yet another wannabe stud muffin joines the “B rank” of Bollywood, but interestingly with a Deepa Mehta project (which leads me to believe he may actually have half a brain.) Vansh Bhardwaj couldn’t have asked for a better entry into film-land than with “Videsh – Heaven on Earth.” He will be starring opposite the self-proclaimed single Preity Zinta and gets to work with one of the best directors in the industry. (Considering he was born in Chandigarh Preity might warm to him too.) The other interesting thing is that he actually has a Masters in theaters (and not just a degree in pumping iron as so many of his kind.) Apart from Videsh, look for him next in B.R. Chopra’s and Hamilton Mehta’s film “Whats Cooking Stella” where he is playing a romantic lead opposite Shreya Saran, along with Lisa Ray & Seema Biswas.


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