Society Summer Fix

Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu

Hold everything, apparently there’s a new salon in town (Kemps Corner, Mumbai to be precise.) Ity Aggarwal who has worked with a lot of celebrity’s like Sameera and Sushma Reddy, Bipasha Basu (she did her hair extensions for No Entry), Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol, John Abraham, Mallika Sarabai, A.R. Rehman, Amir Khan (The Innova advert and Titan watch hoardings), Shreyas Talpade and Jiah Khan presents “Psalm 23” an oddly titled cutting edge new hair salon which kicked off with “Summer Fix” new styles for summer yesterday. (Way to cash in on the season Ity.)

Akanksha Nanda Ity Aggarwal Ashmit Patel

Akanksha Nanda Ity Aggarwal Ashmit Patel

drija Chatterjee, Laurent Petitfrere, Akanksha Nanda and Ashmit Patel showcase summer hairdos by Ity Agarwal

drija Chatterjee, Laurent Petitfrere, Akanksha Nanda and Ashmit Patel showcase summer hairdos by Ity Agarwal

Anyway Akanksha Nanda got a classy fifties style “updo” while Ashmit Patel went reto chic (I know people use that all the time but what does it mean?) Other models Adrija Cahtterjee and Laurent Petitfrere (what a name!) showcased summer styles by Ity with a fringe and a top texture look.

Ladies who lunch (and spa) like Esther Daswani, Kadambari Lkhani, Pooja Adavni, Sonu Shetty and Vineeta Trivedi enjoyed a chill out.

Style Tip:

If you like it short: Pslam 23 recommends variations of bobs or short textured haircuts for women. According to your skin tone, eye color and personality you could add color to support the style. It could be bright and bold or natural and sun kissed. Techniques for color could be hi-lights or panel work. (If working with the family of reds keep in mind that the color will fade off faster if your hair is exposed to the sun.)

If you like it long: They recommend fringes whether straight or side so you can keep your hair up in a pony tail and still make a style statement during the day. In the night you can do a 50’s waves to add a glam look. Haircuts could be structured or soft depending on  your  requirements.

For men: Go short on the sides and back keeping some texture on the top. For those who like their hair long, a highly textured look would be appropriate. Use light weight products like soft wax or cream-based products to keep the hair moisturized

Pssst: I’m off to the Harper’s Bazaar summer luncheon at the Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai tomorrow with what I’m told will be an intimate group of CoBo (yup, didnchya know? It’s the new uber cool term for “contemporary bohemian” which I believe Carrie Otterson (a jewelery designer from Kentucky) is desperately trying to trademark!) chic ladies on at Cafe Prato & Bar.
Pictures to follow!


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