Bombay-Girl’s Birthday Bash!

Ash Chandler and Reshma Bombaywala

Ash Chandler and Reshma Bombaywala




Reshma Bombaywala
returned to the Mumbai party circuit with an intimate birthday party last night at Aurus, Mumbai looking absolutely stunning and accompanied by her hunky beau Dimi Lezinska (who used his bartending skills to rustle up some fabulous  shots.) Funnily enough a few days ago at a Swarovski soiree the shutterbugs got all excited to see her and assumed she and Ash Chandler are an item simply because they arrived together. I can tell you for a fact that’s totally not true. In fact Ash is quite head over feet about the charming stylist and designer Junelia Aguiar (who by far is on of the sweetest girls I have I ever met.) Remember you heard it here first!

Ash Chandler and Junelia

Ash Chandler and Junelia Aguiar


Ashish Raheja (left)

Junelia,  Ash Chandler and Yudhistir

Yudhistir (far right)

Ash Chandler and Farhan Akhtar

Farhan Akhtar (right)

Fahad Samar and Ash Chandler

Fahad Samar and Ash Chandler


Reshma Bombaywala and T.C.

Ash Chandler and Kishore F.D.

Ash Chandler and Kishore F.D.



Reshma Bombaywala, Junelia Aguiar and Alon Mooleman

TC and Brian Brown

T.C. and Brian Brown

Also spotted, Ashish Raheja (who I will forever remember as “Sheesh”), Brian Brown (who just made it to my “lame lush list” with his dorky pick up attempt – which I think he thought was super funny – “Look, I’m married” with a wink. Ugh.) Espresso king Alon Mooleman (who’s promised to send me pictures of his futuristic espresso machine which has a fancy name and even comes in pink!),  Farhan Akhtar (Oh. My. God. I did a total double take when I realized this very chilled out chap hanging in the corner was the Rock On! eye candy himself), Kishore D.F. (remember Seijo and the Soul Dish in Bandra, Mumbai? I miss that place), Yudhisthir Urs (who had apparently just arrived from a very successful cooking-while-drinking session and seemed adorably plastered), Fahad Samar (who I had a delightful conversation with about books. I don’t mean to sound like a literary snob or anything but lets face, it on the whole glitterati circuit there is a fine line between people who can read and those who do read!), Nikasha Tawadey and T.C. and Nathalie Ressencourt De Sousa (who’s Cafe Goa you should check out the next time you’re in Bandra, Mumbai.)

TC, Junelia, Nath

T.C., Junelia Aguiar and Nathalie Ressencourt De Sousa

Celebrity Lost and Found (Part III)
Kamal Sadhana
(Remember him?) who made his major debut opposite Kajol in Bekhudi (which I quite enjoyed back in the day) and then slowly faded into oblivion through a series of random movies titled Rang, Baali Umar Ko Salaam, Hum Sab Chor Hain, Rock Dancer, Angaara, Hum Hain Premi, Nirnayak, Mohabbat Aur Jung, Kaali Topi Lal Rumaal, Kasamh Se (a TV series) and Victoria No. 203: Diamons Are Forever also why do I feel like he was in Maachis? (Don’t him and Chandrachur Singh have the exact same slightly “lost boy” vibe?)

(circled) Kamal

(circled) Kamal Sadhana

Fahad Samar and Kamal Sadhana

Fahad Samar and Kamal Sadhana

Chandrachur Singh

Chandrachur Singh



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4 responses to “Bombay-Girl’s Birthday Bash!

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  2. missmalini

    So what I meant was that while everyone has been taught HOW to read not everyone chooses to read books apart from the ones they have to in school and I think they are missing out. See? I agree books are not meant for the few at all but a few people have never thought it important/interesting to read one! 🙂 Didn’t mean to sound patronizing hence the preemptive apology about sounding like a sob!

    • Adit

      Apology accepted….its just that i come from a family of intellectuals, who spend Dad’s money and follow the philosophy of HIGH THINKING and NOT ENOUGH DOING in terms of work. Spouting and waxing eloquently about all books, in competition about knowledge….and though I read a lot I refuse to get into this cat and mouse game….very common in India…about who has how much more knowledge and how much more money we can spend of DADDY’s. You see we Indians are always into one upmanship, you will never have it anywhere else in the world..WHY?

  3. Adit

    Please explain what do you mean by “those who CAN read and those who DO read”? rather patronizing….me thinks…i do not believe books are meant for the few…please

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