Abhay Deol’s kiss with a mystery Miss!

Ever since Dev & Freida got caught kissing it seems to have turned into a bit of an epidemic (and now we know where desi celebrities go to make out; literally out of the country!) Dev D. himself Abhay Deol, who is currently in New York, was spotted locking lips with a young Indian girl at JFK airport last week. An eye-witness present at the airport reveals that Abhay was at the airport to see off the girl who was on her way back to Mumbai. Abhay and his mystery girl entered the airport together holding hands. The actor was wearing a hat, his trademark Dev D glares, a casual shirt with blue jeans and high boots. The source described that the two exchanged a lover’s kiss that said loads. Deol apparently looked reluctant to let her go. Of course, since it was New York, both Abhay and the girl seemed fairly chilled out about the PDA. But since there are billions of us of course they were spotted by Indian fans at which point Abhay stepped away from his lady love and made sure she was way out of frame for any pictures too! Oh and here’s a huge sign “relationship” signal; Abhay carried her hand bag while she checked in. I hear “He lifted her up in his arms before she left and kissed her on the lips before she went for her security check, and then he watched her till he lost sight of her.” The source who was on the same flight also noticed that at Mumbai airport, she was greeted by her mom and her sister and drove off in a red car. Hmmm.


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