Is Hrithik in the doghouse with Daddy too?

Rakesh and Hrithik Roshan

Rakesh and Hrithik Roshan

The Roshan saga continues as sources swear that tensions abound between father Rakesh Roshan and son Hrithik Roshan and cite this as the main reason why the actor hasn’t returned home, even after he mended fences with his wife Sussanne Roshan.

A source from Juhu, Mumbai says, “The father and son had a rift. It started with Hrithik’s closeness to Barbara Mori, following which Sussanne left the house. Roshan senior loves his daughter-in-law and made it clear that he was on her side and that he’d have nothing to do with Hrithik if he didn’t come to his senses. The tension which was apparent soon percolated to the sets. The cracks in the father-son relationship have been visible for quite some time now, to everyone on the sets of Kites. They are having professional differences too. While Rakesh Roshan is known to be a good director, Hrithik seems to have his own take on Kites and has ignored his dad’s counsel a few times. Things aren’t well between director Anurag Basu the producer Rakesh too. The film is being edited and everyone wants his own say. Rakesh sit on the edit, after which Basu comes in and makes his own edit. Meanwhile, Hrithik has been going to the edit studio with his inputs and ensures they’re carried out. The actor is also cutting the film’s promos.”

After this paper carried the Hrithik and his wife Sussanne Roshan’s split the father and son spoke for the first time in months that too because his mother Pinky Roshan passed the phone to her husband. But things still haven’t returned to normalcy, which is why the actor hasn’t returned home.

Hrithik and his wife Sussanne have been staying at a five-star hotel in Juhu for over three weeks now. Their reason for not living at home being that it is being treated for termites. MID DAY spoke to a leading company in pest and termite control and this is what they had to say:

Sapna from Godrej HiCare says, “One type of service is for bugs, spiders, red and white ants, etc. It is a chemical-based gel treatment, which takes maximum 45 minutes for a house with seven rooms. This treatment is odorless and is safe for kids, pregnant ladies, old people, people with asthma difficulties as well all types of domestic pets. Nobody from the house needs to move base. The second type is specifically for termites which is also done in an hour flat. We have to do minor drilling in specific points of the house and then use the chemical base spray, which is once again odorless and doesn’t present any harm to the dwellers of the house. We fill the drill marks with white cement and make three visits after the treatment is done to ensure the termites haven’t resurfaced.”

Hmmm. Which begs the question are they staying in the same room at this five star hotel in Juhu, Anyone?



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2 responses to “Is Hrithik in the doghouse with Daddy too?

  1. sunitas

    Gossip for gossip’s sake! They are redoing the interiors not just the termites. He can afford it so he is living in a 5 star hotel. So? U want to go and find out the truth about his bedroom?

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