Things you should do the next time you’re in Goa!


I’m back! So Goa was divine as always and I’ve discovered a few more fabulous “must dos” for whenever you do manage to make it over there. First up if you go at the end of April prepare to sweat! It was sizzling hot, but the upside is that the water was incredibly warm making that initial journey into the (usually chilly) ocean absolutely painless.

Even though La Plage was closed for the season the Leela Cottages down the beach more than made up for it. These have to be the fanciest “beach shacks” I’ve ever seen. Air conditioned (well mostly until there’s a voltage fluctuation) with nice big rooms, a fridge, loads of cool antique furniture and a hammock outside. Off-season they cost about 200ors ($40) and the most expensive they get is 6000rs ($120) around New Year’s Eve. The cottages are nestled amongst tall palm trees* and a 15 second stroll gets you to Ashwem beach.

*We had several amusing (and yet ever-so-slightly eerie conversations about how many falling coconuts kill people on average but one of my favorite websites about random facts called The Straight Dope has now put that legend to rest. Phew. But still, I’d keep an ear alert for any rustling sounds coming from above when taking that leisurely stroll!)

So here goes nothing;Β  (loosely inspired by a website I think is just awesome, check out Post Secrets when you have time to spare and want something to BLOW YOUR MIND!) I humbly present “Things you should do the next time you’re in Goa – A Photo Journey.”











P.S. So I didn’t manage to track done Konkona and Ranvir but If you hang around Goa airport often (or long) enough you’re bound to spot a celebrity.

Suresh and Devika Bhojwani

Suresh and Devika Bhojwani

Last time it I saw Sunil Shetty and Prem Chopra and this time Suresh & Devika Bhojwani on holiday mode. When someone asked him how long he was in Goa for Suresh quipped, “We practically live here!”


At Mumbai airport around 4pm as I waited at the baggage carousel I overheard this exchange (in Hindi) between two ladies:

“Look how thin she is…”
“…and so fair!

when I whipped around to see who they were talking about I spotted Kajol shuffling along happily (the way only real Bollywood divas know how to shuffle – with attitude) obviously returning from some mass family holiday. She looked really cute in a brown Juicy Couture track-suit. I tried to take a picture but my camera was exhausted from my Goa sojourn. She did look super fit though and clearly she knew it!

Meanwhile Neha Dhupia was outside BBQ Nation in Bandra, Mumbai in a summer dress with her hair up in curlers preparing for a night shoot I’m guessing.



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11 responses to “Things you should do the next time you’re in Goa!

  1. shahid

    i am a 22 yr old..i wana visit goa for fun…where shd i stay n which beaches are the most xposed to nudity?
    is there any centre where i can find prostitutes, foreigneer preferably.

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  4. PeachBellini

    Boy, am I glad that Payal and Priyanka channeled your blog on HHC, otherwise I’d never have known about it! Great work, Malini.

    Reading your blog makes me wish I lived in India. Sigh.

    • missmalini

      Hey! A lot of people pronounce my name to rhyme with Bellini “Mellini” πŸ™‚ Thanks for visiting and the positive feedback, I highly recommend a visit to Mumbai if you get a chance!

      • PeachBellini

        ha! you should conjure up a drink and call it the mellini! then we can have it when i come to mumbai πŸ™‚

        • missmalini

          Hahaha actually some friends of mine have created a yummy cocktail called the Mango Malini but totally up for making a new one Bellini you’re on!

  5. missmalini

    Oohhh note to self: Next time visit Vineets at Fontana’s! Thanks Adit πŸ™‚ We did the drunk as a skunk bit too fun fun!

  6. Adit

    Goa is not fun in May….been there and it was sweat fest, decided to spend it drunk like a skunk…from morning to evening, riding a really bad bike and breaking all rules….Aaaah fun….have you tried Cafe Vineets at Fontanas? Fab, fab fab….kinda like Goa’s best kept secret…if you like Rishado masala…and mussel curry…gotta go all this food talk is making me hungry!!!

  7. missmalini

    Hey Zakira πŸ™‚ Thanks a ton! (I’m also glad that you got the jumping into the haystack thingy I’ve always wanted to do that!)

  8. Zakira

    I am loving how the ‘secretly contemplate jumping into the hay stack’ and ‘air dry your money’ tips came out! Awesome blog to land at from High Heel Confidential! *High Five!*

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