Being Proactive Rocks!

proactiv2So for the most part it doesn’t take much for me to believe the hype about various products (which is why I frequently check into Amitabh Nanda’s excellent commentary on whattothink.) But the only time that I’ve actually been moved to call a 1-800 number and order off the tele shopping network was for what promised to be the miracle cure to adult acne. Not kidding. Proactive delivers everything it promises (and more) and I’m quite thrilled. VJ Juhi Pande mentioned to me that she’s a fan too (and I just read that Who’s the Boss darling Alyssa Milano was an acne victim too) clearly the word is spreading. So if you’re sick and tired of breaking out randomly (and usually at the most inopportune occasions) give it a shot. I promise you won’t regret it!

P.S. Also possible the one time Jessica Simpson knows what she’s talking about. Right Mr. Shady?




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3 responses to “Being Proactive Rocks!

  1. djadlen

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  2. bangalorefashionpolice

    U know what’s with proactive? It’s a common product here in the US, and it works great while you use it.. but as soon as you stop using, your acne is back! 😦
    And yeahh.. plz wear tons of sunscreen if you plan to step out during the day time wearing proactive… the ingredients in it make ur skin super sensitive.

    • missmalini

      Ya I hear ya but somehow I feel its so totally worth it! Never gone stop using it, that’s it my life savings for good skin!

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