The Assassination of George Bush (relax its just a book)


Ashok Pandit, Mahesh Bhatt & Varon BK Sharma

Nisha Jamval

Nisha JamVwal

Aman Varma and Varon BK Sharma

Aman Varma and Varon BK Sharma

Rosa Catalona

Rosa Catalona

Rosa  congratuling Varon

Rosa congratulating Varon

Ashok Pandit

Ashok Pandit

Gul Panag

Gul Panag


Mahesh Bhatt

Suchitra Pillai

Suchitra Pillai

Not one to mince words Varon BK Sharma’s book the “Assassination of George Bush” is ominously tagged ‘It’s not just about killing.” The book apparently attempts to delve inside the psyche of a ‘Islamic terrorist’ and the mind of the head of a super power at the same time. The fireworks when they clash, surrounded by the US Army and Secret Service in the deserts of Arab Nations were echoed in the heated discussions between Mahesh Bhatt (looking old and seriously, and seriously old), Gul Panag, Suchitra Pillai, Shefali Shah, Nisha Jamwal, AmanVerma, and Ashok Pandit that followed at the launch at Crossword Bookstore, Mumbai yesterday.

The highlight being a somewhat heated discussion between Ashok Pandit and Gul Panag. Gul Panag said, “I am happy that people from the Bollywood industry are writing on such sensitive topics and bringing to fore the current scenario. Terrorism is rampant in our country from not only Kashmir but Naxalites, LTTE, etc are also creating havoc for our peace loving India. We should work at educating the masses and making sure that basic amenities are provided to poor people in states so that they don’t take guns in their hands to survive!”

Rosa Catalona was there too (anyone know what she does now?) I guess its true what they say about Bombay. You can break up anytime you like but you can never leave!

According to Varon BK Sharma, “My book is a true voice that is sure to affect you, disturb you and might I say, upset you and snap us out of our complacence! I am not looking at creating a controversy as it already exists staring right at us.”


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One response to “The Assassination of George Bush (relax its just a book)

  1. vijay kumar

    The book “ASSASSINATION OF GEORGE BUSH” is no doubt explosive material, I have been reading quite a bit about it on the web and the newspapers. Hope to lay my hands on it as soon as possible.


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