Frieda faces Elite heat.

May 14,2009


Looks like a day for “clarifications” this is the other one I got today.


Apparently a recent press report indicated that actress Freida Pinto has posed nude for a calendar created by Elite Model Management India in the year 2007 which had been styled by Wendell Rodricks

Sushma Puri, CEO & director, Elite Model Management India has clarified that Freida Pinto was an Elite Model from 2005 to 2008 and got her huge break with Slumdog Millionaire through the agency.  Freida featured in the Elite Calendar in 2007 and 2008. Since 2005, the agency has produced a calendar each year, which has been shot by the best photographers in the country and styled aesthetically to highlight the agency’s talent pool.  The 2007 Calendar was shot by Vishesh Verma and styled by Wendell Rodricks and the 2008 calendar was photographed by Nisha Kutty and styled by Kushal and Vijeyta from the styling team at L’Officiel.  Freida Pinto was part of both calendars.  The Elite Calendar for 2008 was to be shot by world renowned celebrity photographer, Daniela Federicci.  Unfortunately, Ms Federicci was spending one night at the Taj Mumbai on her arrival into India on 26/11 and hence the project had to be shelved.  Elite hopes to shoot the Elite 2009 Calendar with Daniela. ”

Accoriding to Sushma Puri, “The Elite Calendars have always been beautifully and aesthetically photographed and styled by the leading talent of the country. The Limited Edition Calendars are in high demand year after year.  The recent press reports are absolutely baseless and unfounded.”


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