Talking ’bout my Generation.

Have you heard? Apparently Aishwarya Bachchan is so not happy with Sonam Kapoor’s “generation comment” that she’s actually got the brand to axe her from walking the red carpet at Cannes tomorrow for the international cosmetics brand L’Oreal which they both endorse.

Here’s what happened; on May 10, while attending the brand’s event in Mumbai, Sonam Kapoor was welcomed as the youngest member to join the brand’s dream team and made an unfortunate remark about Aishwarya not being from her generation. Now I can’t imagine that she was looking to pick a fight with Bollywood’s queen bee but anybody who’s hoping to be somebody must know that steering clear of comments to do with which decade a diva belongs to is probably the wisest choice.

In fact a source close to Aishwarya goes as far as to say, “Sonam was signed in December 2008 as ambassador for the brand in India and not as part of the international dream team. And so, she will not do the carpet honours at Cannes for the brand. Ash will walk the red carpet with the brand’s dream team, including Eva Longoria, Elizabeth Banks and Michelle Yeoh. Aishwarya got to know Sonam was coming when she reached Cannes. But Sonam has not been invited by the brand but is there with her father Anil Kapoor as a visitor.”

While the brand spokesperson remained unavailable for comment, a source close to Sonam says, “At the Cannes festival press conference, Aishwarya called Sonam’s statements juvenile and irresponsible.” Ouch.

Obviously Sonam is in shock at the belligerent reaction from the usually collected Rai. Sonam’s friend adds, “Sonam can’t understand why Ash is so upset with her and is bitching her out everywhere. Sonam feels that Aishwarya is doing some great films in spite of being 35 years old and that Sonam is too small for someone’s of Aishwarya’s stature. It’s very childish of Aishwarya to react like this.”

(There you go again bringing up the age thing. Sonam tell your friends to stop helping you. They really aren’t!)

My verdict: Sonam Kapoor commenting on Aishwarya’s – age brave, but stupid. I’m also guessing Miss Kapoor will be bagging no more starring roles opposite the hubby Abhishek Bachchan after having co-starred with him in Delhi 6.

Now while I’m usually all for the underdog in these situations I have to say I’m actually ok with Aishwariya’s reaction. I mean why would anyone so dedicatedly find their way to the top and not be prepared to push back when faced with an insinuation that perhaps they may have passed their peak? You must be joking. (Cat fights across the globe have broken out over much less!)

Moral of the story Sonam sometimes, even if you think it, its probably better not to say it especially at a press conference (dear lord.) Perhaps she could have taken a diplomacy cue from the adorable new Genelia D’Souza who’s manages to replace both Preity Zinta and Rani Mukherjee without ruffling any feathers that I’ve heard of so far.

Of course faced with Aishwarya’s determined stand (aka I’ll show you missy) the company had no option but to inform Sonam that she will no longer be walking the red carpet in Cannes during the premiere of Pedro Almodovar’s latest film Broken Embraces starring Penelope Cruz, another ambassador for the brand. Vismay Shama, India head of the brand, refused to throw light on the matter. He said, “We will release an official statement only tomorrow morning. Till then you will have to wait.” Sonam’s spokesperson Monica Bhattacharya said, “The brand has promised to issue a statement tomorrow morning and we would like to allow them the privilege of doing so.” But sources confirm that the sprightly young actress is obviously gutted.

Judging by that rather raw and puppy-like performance I’m guessing the bosses over at L’Oreal are confident about who’s really “worth it.”

Good thing she’s got time on her side eh? I’m sure she’ll get over it.

P.S. Gen Next has clearly taken Sonam’s red carpet casualty pretty serious like and started a Facebook group (how very new age of them!) called Go For It Sonam!!!! to garner support.



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42 responses to “Talking ’bout my Generation.

  1. Liara

    Pick on anil his old & acts his daughters age still bloody acting forward in movies with girls old enough to be his daughter – THERE’S A PROBLEM NOW!

  2. Liara

    You’ll just have a problem with Aish cause she’s tamil so screw u all! If it hadn’t been for Aish indians wouldn’t of even been recognised, and that goes for all u fucked up ugly things commenting about Aish. Be proud that the most beautiful girl in the world is an indian, all she wanted was respect from that small tweerp. How the hell can sonam be so stupid & comment crap about a senior. Did u see any of the other younger actores say such stupid things? Not even a 5 year old would of said that!

  3. Liara

    Hey Aishwarya is hot she looks smarter than Sonam & look at the age gap. If they were the same age right now Aish would of still been queen. U assholes cant say anything bad about Aishwarya cause hardly anyone can make it to her age & still look as hot as she does. Fuck sonam!

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  5. Malika

    Anil Kapoor should know better. Bet he did the same with movie roles to many. He tried to hog the limelight during all the award shows and he did not even shine. Guess, auntie Ash can be a hogger too nah?

    On a serious note, that woman is not aging well. If genes are to go by, she is starting to look like her mom.She continues to be rehersed and tucking her tongue for geting the right smile ain’t working. She should retire and have babies.

    Maybe then Sonam Kapoor and hog Anil papa can shine.

  6. ashwini

    Malini i thought you were in your early 20s. πŸ˜€ now is dat an inappropriate comment about age too? plz dnt bash me!

    • missmalini

      Hahaha early 20s? Try more like early 30s (In fact I’ll be 32 on Tuesday!) I actually don’t have a problem with that, all I’m hoping for is a big fat Indian wedding to go along with it as my reward for aging gracefully. πŸ™‚

  7. Deepti

    in spite of their age differences, both ash and sonam share one thing in common-their characteristic habit of laughing and giggling for just about anything and everything..uffff..both of them annoy me to no extent,therefore age is no bar in my case..i support neither of the two!

  8. Pavani

    wow! u seem determined not to like sonam, miss malini πŸ™‚ but do we even know that aish did this to sonam? aren’t u indirectly implicating aish (seeing that u r an aish fan) by just reporting on the tabloid buzz? or do u know some inside stuff? πŸ˜‰ Anyway, personally I did not see what sonam said was sooooo wrong. Girls like Preity, Rani all are flaunting their 30s so why would Aish be insecured abt it? (if indeed she was).

    • PeachBellini

      Pavani, I don’t think it’s a matter of whether Ash is insecure about her age. The issue at hand is Sonam’s comment, which was completely uncalled for.

      And I don’t think one needs to be an “Ash fan” to realize that what Sonam said was inappropriate.

    • missmalini

      Actually you know what I probably like Sonam Kapoor more than I like Aish (honestly!) I’ve never been a big Aish fan but in this case I just thought Sonam did a silly thing. I don’t actually think she did it on purpose even (and yup my sources are sound!!) I don’t think it’s a case of Aish being insecure about being in her 30s its just that someone making a comment about her not being from the current generation anymore may have irked her (it sure would have irked me!)

      • Pavani

        Actually that’s whats puzzling me..I mean I didn’t find anything wrong with sonam saying different generation. I have no idea if daddy comes and saves the kid’s ass or sth but honestly I have always liked Aish and ya don’t find anything wrong with Sonam. I dunno I guess like Bloo said its a matter of perspective. My older sister is 13 yrs older than me just like Aish is what..12 sth yrs older than Sonam? I always refer to my sis as a different generation. Does that mean I disrespect her? Of course not. She was a teenager in 80s and I was one in 90s..that’s how I equate it. Now I certainly did not consult the dictionary to know what a generation actually refers to :p Anyway, I just found it funny some of you here are saying like young ones vs 30 sth one. I so did not look at it this way. And pardon me Peach but I think you don’t like Sonam he he Maybe u guys r thinking ..spoilt brat. Possible. I don’t even know Sonam that much, but its equally childish of Aish to take that comment so seriously. Anyway, so whats the deal. Did Aish’s irritation really influence Loreal to stop sonam from going?

        • PeachBellini

          hey pavani,

          i see where you’re coming from, especially with the sister analogy and all that. i think you’re right, it does depend on one’s perspective. but it’s kind of a universal rule that you don’t make comments about another woman’s age in relation to yours. i mean, even common, lay women get offended, so it’s not a big deal that aishwarya was. but again, that’s not the issue. the problem is that even if sonam had her reasons, it would have been wisest for her to think twice before speaking and either phrase her comments differently or keep them to herself entirely.

          you are right, i am not too fond of sonam, but it is for reasons like this! she just comes across as someone who does not think before she speaks. and that, to me, is extremely offputting in a person who is meant to be in the limelight and a role model to others.

          • Pavani

            Man BW is full of loud mouth!! Agree Sonam prob doesn’t think. In that way I think she is very similar to kareena and kajol. But I think to be fair to Sonam one should watch the video of that event. I mean she praised Aish throughout which kinda shows she didn’t mean anything negative by the generation comment. Like I said I can understand Aish getting offended, but then whats the deal with loreal then? Media is bashing Aish and saying she is the reason Loreal took that step. Now, this I wouldn’t understand if indeed Aish did that. That is real immatured, na?

            • PeachBellini

              yeah, i don’t know the whole story. and i tried looking all over youtube for the clip, but couldn’t find it (the link on this page doesn’t work for me). so whatever i know is courtesy malini. πŸ™‚

              • Pavani

                I kinda felt bad esp after watching this. She must have been all excited and then wham! Slow down missy no Cannes for ya.

                • PeachBellini

                  haha, wow. i think she just requires a lot of polishing in the way she speaks and carries herself. i guess that’s something that comes with experience.

                  but something else that i noticed, which i would like to point out to the girls on hhc (obviously i can’t, and i do apologize to malini for using your forum as a platform) – remember that red dress that everyone at hhc went all gaga over, and everyone was all like “wowww man, she totally pulls it off with such confidence” and blah blah blah? well, i would advise them to take a look at this video, because she is sooooo NOT confidence personified! just look at how she’s constantly tugging at her dress, she is so uncomfortable in it.

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  10. Pissyposh

    So what r u nuts? So ash is soooooo insecure of her age that she cannot allow a upcoming star to share the stage with her?
    Sonam did not mention Ash age.Go see the video b4 making stupid assumptions.
    Ash is going to be 40.Noone can say that she is young.she has to come to terms with it and deal with it.
    L’Oreal can only sell wrinkle reducing cremes if they depend on 40 ish bhuddies.

    • PeachBellini


    • missmalini

      True she didn’t mention her age, just the fact that they were from different “generations” which I feel translates into an ageist comment! I strongly feel (perhaps since I’m not 23 anymore) that you can say a lot of stuff about a lot of people but why pick on age considering that is the one thing totally out of your control and (um hello everyone’s going to have to do it eventually!) She looks fab at 35 (she’s not 40!) but I have a feeling she’ll look pretty good then too. πŸ™‚

      (Bellini help! Why they gots to go and hate on the old people like that?! Hahahaha)

      • Bloo

        Oh! But I agree with you Malini. She did say two different generations. I don’t know if this will be off topic but I seem to notice that the “present generation” is quite insensitive and intolerant toward someone who they think is “old” and I mean even by 2 years. Its like they completely skipped the grammer class on comparative- superlative adjectives. Its never “older”, its always “old”. Since when did a difference of 2/4 /5 etc years get so vast?? You would actually think at a time when the concept of a “generation gap” is more or less becoming obsolete, physical age would hardly make a difference. Wait! if the generation gap means I am more respectful to others than the youngsters, I ‘d rather it persisted to separate me from them.

        Its something I have experienced personally. I am an early 80’s child and I already feel like a fossil now. Is it my imagination or is age really much of a bigger deal now than it ever was?? I could just go on… but its prudent to stop now lest I invoke the wrath of the youth mafia.

        • Pavani

          lol what wrath? this is turning out to be an imaginary anticipated war of age groups. Ok I am which group am I in? πŸ˜€

        • PeachBellini

          i’m not sure, i think all who belong to the “current generation”, regardless of time period, thinks that anyone older is just old. i mean, i remember when i was in high school, i used to think people a couple of grades ahead of me were old. it’s more a perspective thing.

          haha malini, i do agree with you. and i think it’s even worse that sonam mentioned a difference in generations, because she was implying that aishwarya is even older than she actually is. a part of me still believes she does it on purpose just to come in the news. that, and also because she thinks she can get away with anything since she’s anil kapoor’s daughter (*ha!*).

          • Bloo

            PeachBellini, no of course I know everyone senior is considered older . I have gone through that myself. What I intended to say was that we did not think it was the end of one’s time just because they were old in our opinion. Like I said, I don’t know if its just me but I seem to notice that in my interaction with others. Perhaps I should have been more specific. Somehow, I think careers start early now. There is so much competition that everyone starts real early. Now I am not saying this is a bad thing but it sort of demands for the rotation of the wheel sooner than it was earlier. Maybe the impatience and intolerance comes with that.

            Pavani, that was supposed to be a hyperbole. Like I said, my statement is based on observation. Of course you are entitled to say its a matter of perspective and I could not disagree with that.

            • Bloo

              My statements above in no way mean Sonam is at fault at all. I absolutely adore her and believe genuinely that she is not always aware of possible consequences when she jabbers on. However, they were in response to certain comments made, in particular to some of what pissyposh said. Couldn’t you read a “an imaginary anticipated war of age groups” in that statement? If Aish did what she did, can’t it be said it was purely in defense of her contract with L’Oreal and nothing to do with limiting an up and coming person?

            • PeachBellini

              okay. all i meant was that when you’re in your early 20s, you tend to write off people who are even in their mid 20s. it’s a “young blood” thing, you know how younger ppl think they’re the best thing that happened to the earth and all that. or whatever. anyway, this discussion is getting too abstract for me at 1:30am :o)

          • tani

            But tell me…is a 12 year difference not a generation gap? When Sonam was in kindergartens Ash was probably done with school. So how does that comment make Ash look older? It is what it is. I find this quite silly to be honest.

            And what is it about a woman that you cannot mention her age? Is it sacred? I think women need to get over it seriously! I am a woman just made it to 30…got my first few gray hairs and getting ready to buy some anti wrinkle creams…SO? I am very much young at heart and don’t care if a 20 something calls me old…of course they would I am 30 and talk like as if I know everything!

            I find women to be too insecure with everything- their beauty, their age, their clothes, their gray hair, wrinkles! Argh! It’s life. Grow up! πŸ˜›

        • missmalini

          Haha Bloo I’m a 77s child imagine how I feel!! I mean I accept that eventually we have to step aside put down the tequila shot and step away from the dance floor but I figured we have till at least 40 right?! I guess its this happens with ever turn of youth and perhaps we did it too but for some reason the only time I thought 30 was “really old” was when I was 12.

    • Adit

      how old are you Pissyposh for a 40 something woman to be a BHUDDIE? Wow :))

  11. risinra

    Really .. the dignity of Aishwarya would have lied in the fact that she need not have even blinked an eye on comments like those or rather correct the newbie personally … it clearly shows that she is insecure somewhr, even if sonam would have spoken or went diplomatic.

    • PeachBellini

      i don’t think aishwarya is insecure. i think her reaction was appropriate. someone needs to show the girl her right place. and if her parents didn’t teach her how be humble then she has to learn it the hard way.

  12. PeachBellini

    i feel like she makes these comments on purpose, to get a response. i know my theory sounds a bit churlish. but what else can explain it? i mean, it’s common sense that you never refer to a woman’s age. sonam cannot be that unintelligent to not know. she must’ve done it knowingly.

    • missmalini

      You think so? Judging from her YouTube video she seemed pretty flaky and not at all prepped about what to say.. almost child-like I bet she’s kicking herself now…

      • PeachBellini

        hmm…maybe i am wrong and she really is that unintelligent :-p

        idk, it just seems like common sense to me. maybe she freezes when she’s in front of the press and just doesn’t think.

  13. Adit

    Really Sonam does manage to put her size 40 feet in her mouth, sometimes in turns, and sometimes together. Ash is the ONLY Indian actress known across the world, what ever we may say about her, do not belittle her achievements by making an ageist comment. Sonam should remember EVERYBODY grows older. I love Ash, she has not compromised her Indianness, and still managed to get famous. Sonam very famously said in her last Femina interview “I am learning to be more politically correct”….HMMMMM- really now!!

  14. Now we know who is childish πŸ™‚

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