Bhajji’s new Babe

Harbhajan Singh and Shilpi Sharma

Harbhajan Singh and Shilpi Sharma

When it comes to cricketer’s and romance the unlikeliest of them all (or at least I thought) Harbhajan Singh is all over the tabloids for his alleged romance with actress Shilpi Sharma (of the tiniest outfits ever in Jo Bole So Nihaal fame.) I hear their “friendship” has already reached the next level, but of course everybody is denying it. (How typical, and somewhat unnecessary no?)

I’m told Harbhajan has been continuously sending SMSes to Shilpi to come to South Africa and see him in action on the field. Shilpi maintains that he’s “just a friend” and not someone special. “Yes, I don’t deny the fact that we’ve been friends for almost a year and he wants me to come to South Africa to cheer for him and his team. Is there anything wrong with that?” she asks coyly. (No Shilpi and there’s nothing wrong with having a boyfriend either so chill out.)

Last year Bhajji was apparently dating Geeta Basra to which she replied, “What? I’ve never heard of such rumours.” So lets just cut to the chase, is she going to cheer for Bhajji, she replied, “I was to go but due to some prior commitments, I couldn’t make it. But if his team makes it to the final four, I definitely intend to go to cheer for him. I’ll be going to cheer for him with a bunch of friends. not alone.”

Roger that. Good cover. *wink wink*


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