A point about Pinto

Elite Calendar photo

Elite calendar photo

So I seriously can’t understand what all the fuss is about Freida Pinto’s allegednaked calendar” shoot with Elite (modeling agency) before she was famous. This is the supposed “naked picture” ooooh. Right?!

But hang on a second, is it that she’s not actually wearing clothes but covered up by various feather-like things with an odd bodiless male model leaning in (about to take a bite out of her ear by the looks of it) is THAT the problem? Because if it was purely based on “erotica” then how come nobody is pointing a finger at her sizzling shoots for GQ, Complex and Maxim? All magazines with a reputation for fairly racy pictures of very hot women. You be the judge. (And for heavens sake boys stop drooling!)











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7 responses to “A point about Pinto

  1. Malika

    No one will be talking about this if she weren’t hot. And she is.

  2. Melinda

    OMG I think I just turned into a lesbian

  3. pranav

    marry me plzzz

  4. neha

    she’s hot!!! ur right.. dont know whats the fuss is all about! I think when ppl get famous.. they r bound to get into such controversies!!

  5. tani

    freida pinto is awesome! why is she upset over these photos? she is smoking hot!

  6. deepti

    move over kangana, freida is here:)

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