Yuvraj Singh and Kim getting cosy again?

Yuvraj and Kim

Yuvraj and Kim

After news on Bhajji’s new belle turns out there’s a little romance afoot for Kings XI skipper Yuvraj Singh and former girlfriend Kim Sharma. Lately they’ve been texting each other all the time and I’m told Kim is in South Africa now to spend time with her former flame. Apparently Yuvraj made the first move and sent her a message about a month ago and even inivted her to South Aftica to watch the Indian Premier League matches.

He was also keen that she be present for Cricket Beyond Boundaries a charity event he hosted in Cape Town last night. Apart from his Punjab XI team which includes co-owner Preity Zinta other IPL players also attended.

Flashback: Yuvi and Kim were a couple four years ago. There was some talk of marriage and the grapevine claimed that his mother Shabnam was not a fan. Kim eventually called it quita. Apart from his heavy partying, Yuvraj was briefly linked with Deepika Padukone last year while Kim was often spotted in the company of Israeli diplomat, Oren Gahaly. There have also been rumours about Yuvraj and Preity Zinta, co-owner, Kings XI Punjab since she split with boyfriend Ness Wadia. Earlier this year he was spotted locking lips with Minissha Lamba too remember?


Yuvraj and Preity

Yuvraj and Deepika

Yuvraj and Deepika

I guess Yuvi’s over the single (and always ready to mingle) life eh? Apparently mom is on board with it now too and hopes to see him settle down (even if it is with an actress!) Over to you Kim…



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3 responses to “Yuvraj Singh and Kim getting cosy again?

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  2. Pavani

    Tsk tsk too bad his team is out of the semis now. Vacation with Kim? Wonder what his mom thinks since she never liked Kim. Wonder what’s mummy’s problem cos has he ever looked at anyone other than actresses? Deepika’s comment ‘we kind of dated’ cracked me up the most. Smart girl to chose Ranbir over him.

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