New Kids on the Block

Prashant and Minakshi Chaudri

Prashant and Minakshi Chaudhari

And here’s one on special request from @shubs off Twitter who wanted to know about new food joints in Mumbai. So remember Prashant Chaudhari? (He and his wife Minakshi Chaudhari are all set to be proud parents this year btw.) He had an awesome restaurant in town called Taxi (near Taj President) he’s got another spot in Juhu called Mangi Ferra and has recently launched a smaller version called Cafe Mangi in Khar (go left between Citywalk and Nike.) It’s a cute little Italian joint which has the feel of a coy European cottage with happy pastel shaded beams and framed pictures on all the walls. The food I’ve heard is fabulous and I quite liked the cute little cove-shaped bar as well. If you go there with enough people he’ll even dim the lights move some furniture around and voila you’ve got yourself a party!

Varun Sood (centre) and Basab Paul (right)

Varun Sood (centre) and Basab Paul (right)

Varun Sood and Basab Paul who are in the process of opening a members only recreational club called C’est La Vie in Bandra (with a spa, gym, rooftop pool, conference room and snooker tables) also dropped in to check it out.

Prashant Chaudhari and missmalini

Prashant Chaudhari and missmalini

Prashant & Rij

Prashant and Rij

Rij and Deepak

Rij and Deepak

I happened to be there on Friday (with my usual crew) and was happy to see Rij Eappen out and about. Funnily enough both he and my brother Deepak Agarwal are going to be father’s this year too (my brother in just about a month!) so they were swapping baby names (well mostly my brother was stealing names of Rij’s list but he didn’t seem to mind!)

Why is everybody having babies? Stop it! Stop, stop I have SO much catching up to do! (Hahaha this is going to come full circle to the age discussion we had last week I can feel it!)

And on our way to China House I took this artsy shot from inside Cafe Mangi. I call it “The Door Police.”

P.S. China House at The Grand Hyatt Mumbai is having its 2nd anniversary on May 26th and DJ Clement gets back on deck woohoo!


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