China House Turns Two & Yuvi Gets Jiggy With It!


missmalini and DJ Clement

The China House 2nd anniversary party at the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai last night was quite rocking (even though by the time I got there it was well past 1am.) The good news is DJ Clement D’Souza is back on deck, in fact he flew back yesterday from South Africa after playing at the IPL closing party.


Rocky S.


Shamita Singha, Marc Robinson (far right)


Shamita Singha


Suved Lohia and Yuvraj Singh

missmalini & The Heiress

missmalini & The Heiress

Bhisham Mansukhani

Bhisham Mansukhani

The first person I spotted in the crowd was Rocky S. (designer extraordinaire) who very sweetly wished me happy birthday with a hug. Marc Robinson and Shamita Singha meanwhile were having an animated conversation across the bar while Ashish Raheja was tucked away in one of his VIP boxes entertaining someone (undoubtedly of the female persuasion.) Suved Lohia (who always makes me feel like the sunshine girl) gave me another ego plumping pep-chat and The Heiress Aishwarya Nair was her usual happy-shiny self accompanied by the ever-smiling Bhisham Mansukhani who was quite pleased with China House’s selection of wines and raved about them a fair bit.

Anupam Sehgal

Anupam Sehgal

The Bouncers

The Bouncers

Apart from one shiny happy PR manager Anupam Sehgal I even managed to get the bouncers to crack a smile as they played watch dog from the stairs (although I think one of them thought I was shooting someone behind him!)


missmalini and Yuvraj Singh

missmalini and Yuvraj Singh

The crowning glory of the nights celebrity spotting however goes to Yuvraj Singh who’s back in boom-town to party it up as usual. (I didn’t see Kim Sharma though so unless she’s travelling maybe they’re not back together after all.) She doesn’t really strike me as the sort of girl who would let her man out and about to open bar and willing babes all alone so readily! But it was another case of camera cringe when I asked him to pose alone, he was already pretty suspicious when I took the birds eye view shot I think… and Ajaz Khan who claimed to be his bodyguard (I Googled him, apparently he’s a small time TV soap star from Ahmedabad.) piped up, “No Yuvraj, you never know on the Internet…” He finally agreed to let me pose along-side him (brilliant plan Ajaz but have you never heard of Photoshop?!) Funnily enough Ajaz was quite willing to pose all by himself when I told him I was technically the paparazzi. (What a cheeseball.)

Ajaz Khan

Ajaz Khan

Funnily enough he called me today (in my defence I exchanged numbers with him in hopes of getting some fly-on-the-wall gossip which I’m hoping Malaika’s man Nilesh will give me too.) He said he called to see if I remembered him and after 3 seconds of awkward silence asked where I live, I vaguely said “town” and so he asked “do you have friends in Andheri?” confused I blurted out, “no, not really” to which I got the killer response, “you do now!” Uh oh.



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8 responses to “China House Turns Two & Yuvi Gets Jiggy With It!

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  2. I love that silk(?) dress you are wearing !

    • missmalini

      Oh thank you 🙂 I got it made in Vietnam at this amazing little “Gold” tailors in Hoi Ann, apparently they’re known in that town for their dress-making skills and that dress gets a lot of nice compliments so evidently they know their stuff! I got like 8 dresses made 1000rs ($20) a piece what a steal!!

  3. Adit

    Rocky S- designer extraordinaire????

  4. Pavani

    lmao at yuvraj’s friend. want to see his face when he reads this.

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