Shake it to Shamur!

Dhiren & Trishna

Dhiren Vaje & Trishna Mathews

So you know how sometimes you watch a music video and everything seems to have fallen into place to make a 3:18mins of magic? Well here’s a great example! I’m a big Shamur fan in general but this video’s particularly special because my friend Trishna Mathews and her partner Dhiren Vaje have put together a little bit of awesome with a slick,  simple, clever and pacey “dance audition” vibe video for Shamur’s latest offering called “Rock Your Body” (and rock you it will!)

Also, what a great track eh?



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2 responses to “Shake it to Shamur!

  1. Trishna Mathews


    miss malini thank you for writing such sweet things about my know i am your biggest fan
    and nathan thank you

  2. cute song cute vid, nice work trish, finally get to see yr work!

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