Tee Off


So we’ve all seen celebrities wearing slogan tees from time to time. (Imran Khan took the cake though on that fateful night of 26/11 in his Bush – International Terrorist tee for a screening of Rohan Sippy’s satire “The President is Coming”) But I recently came across a “Tee-junction” of sorts called Blue Bus Tees where you can select from a range of desi tees from approximately 300rs ($6)

Pranav & Abhir tell me their top 3 Tees are:
1. “I’m Surrounded by Idiots” (Pranav’s dad ordered the first tee and wears it every Sunday.)
2. “Orgasm Donar” (Guys love these tees and they even had one girl order a tee for herself.)
3. Bollywood Tees like “Chup Saale”, “Mere Paas Maa Hain” and “Villain”



P.S. I kinda like the Maharani one in devnagri font and Gul Panag’s Chup Saale, way cool.


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