Uday’s Mission Impossible


Looks like Priyanka Chopra isn’t dating Shahid Kapoor (it was only a little mild flirting) after all. At the launch of the website for the movie “Pyar Impossible” (directed by Jugal Hansraj) she made it abundantly clear that her Mr. Right was still somewhere out there.


Pyar Impossible is a Yash Raj production that also stars Anupam Kher and Dino Morea. The film will be shot in India, Singapore and Bangkok. What’s cool though is they’re promoting this film through all the right channels. I mean they’re even on Facebook!

So…. I guess Uday Chopra is still trying to make it as the bumbling hero again. (I mean come on he’s even produced this baby in order to star in it!) He’s obviously going for the Beauty & Geek appeal here and we all know how that one turns out, I just wish someone would tell him it isn’t really the first time it’s been done… Although I do think it’s kind of cute the way he’s all twinkle-eyed about it in this video.

(Just like a real love-struck geek, way to stay in character UC!) Ah Uday, if you weren’t such a nice guy (and obviously Abhishek Bachchan’s chaddi buddy, I’d have so much more fun hating on you!)


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