Will Archie & Veronica live Happily Ever After?


Jeez did you hear about this?! After about 7 decades Archie Andrews is finally going to get off his butt and propose to his girl. Um..er.. but we’ve been kept in a nearly a century of suspense about who his girl really is; the bubbly and sweet blond-next-door Betty Cooper or slightly vampish bratty brunette Veronica Lodge?

The issue was in fact put to debate. The publishers decided issue #600 will feature the long-time freckle-faced high-school klutz on bended knee with a ring in his hand. While Veronica screams out “Yes!” and Betty stands wiping away a tear. This relationship jolt leaves long-time readers of the checkout aisle comic a little lost. Wasn’t Veronica forever going hot and cold on poor Archie? And isn’t her dad a rich control freak? And wasn’t sweet all-American blond Betty Cooper always there to pick up the pieces?

“Why couldn’t you wait until I was dead before you finally had him pick between the two?” 46-year-old fan, Valerie, wrote on the publisher’s website.

The fact is, Archie isn’t 17 any more. He’s now a college grad looking to explore a world beyond Principal Weatherbee’s office and the last few miles his jalopy can manage before backfiring her last. But marriage? That’s big. Not to mention that it immediately eliminates about 90 per cent of the narrative twists that have launched thousands of Archie stories.

“So is this the end of Archie Comics?” wrote another fan, Ebony, likely on a tear-streaked keyboard.

For those who fear that the magic is now gone, along with the eternal youth of all the kids at Riverdale High, there is some hope.

The title of issue 600 is “Archie Marries Veronica, Part 1: The Proposal.” That doesn’t sound terribly definitive.

Could there be a Part II: Archie, left at the altar?

Or Part III: Betty’s back in the running?

How about Part VII: What Happens at Pop Tate’s stays at the Pop Tates?



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10 responses to “Will Archie & Veronica live Happily Ever After?

  1. Adit

    so he was smart and decided to marry the girl with the Moolah and the poor girl next doorgot left behind….thats capitalism at best. I would have chosen Ronnie, life would be more interesting. Its only in India that you marry the Gharelu girl….

    • Deepti

      true dat adit..just another example of how shallow men are:P (i so dont want to get into this gender jhagdaa..but ‘gharelu girl’ triggerred it for me!:))

      • missmalini

        Hahaha but the question is could Betty cook?! And what is a modern gharelu girl all about anyway?!

        • Deepti

          bulls eye malini:)

          p.s. love soul fry!!!..hope u gorged on all the yummy food there…considering its quite close to my place of work, its a regular haunt:)

          • missmalini

            Ohh you should have come yesterday I totally spazzed out sitting there by myself judging karaoke!

            • Deepti

              Haha…saw ur status update a li’l too l8 in the day..else would have dropped in to meet u..next time, for sure, i say!

  2. Waaaaaaaaa! No post today ! Grrrrrmp 😦

  3. missmalini

    That’s a good idea, my grandfather used to collect comics and had an insane collection which got divided amongst all the grand kids eventually… I don’t think they ever came up with a new Archie did they? Maybe a time capsule with all this stuff is in order you never know what people will look back and find in cyberspace years from now!

  4. Deepti

    oh ho..i just got this very far fetched thought…if this is the end of this epic comic strip, i want to gather all the copies possible and start building up a collection for my future generations…i mean just think about it, how heart wrenching would it be to see the li’l ones in the future ‘Google’ (or use any other similar search engine which might exist in the future, you never know, even Google might have a shelf life!) something like ‘archie+betty+veronica+comic strip”..”who was archie?” et al..food for thought??:P

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