Grumpy but Gorgeous!




Pavani, Excellent news! I was trolling through Facebook today and I found that oh-so-elusive picture of Imran Khan you were dying to see. (I figure since its on the Il Terrazzo bar Del Italia group which anyone is open to join its ok to share these pictures here with the true blue fans.) Isn’t he just the cutest?!

That’s his girlfriend Avantika Malik, she’s pretty photogenic too eh? They’re so adorable together I can’t stand it! How cute are their kids gonna be? (Hahaha ok ok I’ll stop before I make you barf.)

And for the fashionably inclined, he’s also wearing a vintage GNR tee shirt. He’s so cool. I used to have the exact same tee (actually it was my brother’s he was older and cooler at the time!) And speaking of cute clothes, ladies I recommend this “Grumpy but Gorgeous” spagetti from the X’Mas collection by La Senza. (Tres cheeky!) I picked mine up in London last winter but I’m sure you can find a variation you like online.

Er excuse the evident drunkenness it was Christmas in Montreal and I was deliriously happy to be alive (I think we took this right after the sweet little French girl Justine suggested we go outside and play “Blairwitch Project” I bolted when she asked someone to “take off their boot” (imagine how eerie that is coming from a tiny blond with a cute French accent!) Ohh I think maybe I have a video (or for some, a slightly bizarre Vodka Redbull commercial!) … enjoy.



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12 responses to “Grumpy but Gorgeous!

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  2. Adit

    Avi is having fun, he is a little more sombre of the two. Good kids. Why are you wearing boots in summer? some of those boys in the background, need to be given a bath and shave. :))

  3. Preethi

    I second Simmy. Whose the hottie?

  4. simmy

    I want to know who’s the hunk in the purple tee?

  5. Pavani

    oh and u look really cute in the tee…aah new years fun is something!!

  6. Pavani

    Oh my Gosh thank u sooooooo much. Yup they look so adorable 🙂 She looks really cool too and Imran *sigh lol

    • missmalini

      Hahaha its one of those times when I wish I could teleport myself into someone else’s life to see what its like! But he seems so pensive and serious I wonder what cracks him up? Hahaha I’m beginning to sound very stalker like I know 🙂

      • Pavani

        ha ha I guess he is the cautious one. I read his column at HT he was like he freezes when someone tells him to smile for a photo. Look at Avantika having so much fun 😀

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