T20 Time-table

Icc_World_Twenty20_300So it’s cricket season AGAIN. The T-20 being held in the UK this year should be pretty electric! Our boys in blue are favorites to win (considering they’re the defending champions.) Here’s a grid  on local timings (in Mumbai)  More info on Cric Info.

Group A
Group B
Group C
Sri Lanka
West Indies
Group D
South Africa
New Zealand

Match Schedules
1. England v/s Netherlands Fri 5th June 10:00pm
2. New Zealand v/s Scotland Sat 6th June 2:30pm
3. Australia v/s West Indies Sat 6th June 6:00pm
4. India v/s Bangladesh Sat 6th June 10:00pm
5. South Africa v/s Scotland Sun 7th June 6:00pm
6. England v/s Pakistan Sun 7th June 10:00pm
7. Bangladesh v/s Ireland Mon 8th June 6:00pm
8. Australia v/s Sri Lanka Mon 8th June 10:00pm
9. Pakistan v/s Netherland Tue 9th June 6:00pm
10. New Zealand v/s South Africa Tue 9h June 10:00pm
11. Sri Lanka v/s West Indies Wed 10th June 6:00pm
12. India v/s Ireland Wed 10th June 10:00pm
Super 8
D1 v/s A2 Thur 11th June 6:00pm
B2 v/s D2 Thur 11th June 10:00pm
B2 v/s D2 Fri 12th June 6:00pm
A1 v/s C1 Fri 12th June 10:00pm
C1 v/s D2 Sat 13th June 6:00pm
D1 v/s B1 Sat 13th June 10:00pm
A2 v/s C2 Sun 14th June 6:00pm
A1 v/s B2 Sun 14th June 10:00pm
B2 v/s C1 Mon 15th June 6:00pm
B1 v/s A2 Mon 15th June 10:00pm
D1 v/s C2 Tue 16th June 6:00pm
D2 v/s A1 Tue 16th June 10:00pm
Semi Finals
1st Semi-final Thur 18th June 10:00pm
2nd Semi-final Fri 19th June 10:00pm

20-20 World Cup Final Sun 21st June 7:30pm

Kevin Pietersen and Ravi Bopara share a light moment, Lord's, June 4, 2009 (image courtesy Getty Images.)

Kevin Pietersen and Ravi Bopara share a light moment at Lord's, June 4, 2009 (image courtesy Getty Images.)

Also love this… Kevin Pietersen makes a frank admission on the eve of the tournament… I’m not very good at Twenty20 cricket, am I?

Kevin Who? (For the hopelessly cricket unsavy like yours truly) Kevin Pietersen has verged on the extraordinary at every turn. From shunning the South African quota system, to returning to his homeland with three ODI centuries and securing the Ashes with his maiden Test ton. All that came within his first year as an England player, but that was just the start, he also quickly became the team’s best batsman!



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6 responses to “T20 Time-table

  1. Putha - Sri Lanka

    Nooo.. I dont think So
    Australia is the weakest team this time (2009) because their super players (Andrew symonds, Gilcrist, Macgrath, Shane warne and others) do not play for the team. I think they should go early….and will be defeat from the ASH…..

  2. daya - Sri Lanka

    Yes, Exactly…… True. But india, pakistan, South africa, New zealand, england are the other good teams. But how ICC grouped these countries …any one know…
    Anyway, I also believe Australia should be include at super 8..

  3. nelugolle Geadara

    All the groups are so similar strength except group C. My opinion, It should not be done because Australia, Sri Lanka, and West Indies are the most tallented cricket teams in the world. Unfortunately they all are in same group. Good example for this is what had happened to Australia. I dont believe Australia is a weak team despite the fact that they are defeted by the Sri Lankans and West Indies.

  4. Thanx for schedule
    nice timetable

  5. Pavani

    I am sick of 20-20 cricket. I want my one day matches back 😦 lol Now I know what my dad felt when one day cricket became more popular than test.

  6. Hey missmalini,
    Great to see a cricket-related post on your blog! 🙂
    A pleasant break from the routine …


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