Abhishek Kapoor’s Bucket List

Remember the director/party animal I told you about? Abhishek Kapoor just shared his “bucket list” with me. (Oh and based on his new portfolio pictures I’d recommend he add a little stint in front of the camera to that list.) Quite a rough-cut cutey (very George Cloony-esque.)

Abhishek Kapoor

Abhishek Kapoor

10 things to do before you kick the bucket!

1.    Swim with sharks
2.    Go to a U2 concert
3.    Meet Clint Eastwood
4.    Live up in the mountains for a year
5.    Learn Spanish.. and use it
6.    Do a biking trip to Ladakh
7.    Build a six pack
8.    Start an orphanage
9.    Get married
10.  Do a sequel to Rock On!!


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One response to “Abhishek Kapoor’s Bucket List

  1. Adit

    my bucket list is similar…swim with sharks as well, U2 concert – ditto, get married- no way, start a home for stray animals, travel all over the world- all the continents including Antartica (you can you know), and meet Nelson Mandela

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