Kane v/s Bappi Da

Today has got to be the most bizarre day for studio guests. First we had WWE champion Kane who’s this tall…


…and then Bappi Lahiri  (aka Alokesh Lahiri or Bappi Da known for pioneering a genre of disco-bollywood) who is this wide!

(I’ve left myself in there for size reference.) Ok so Bappi’s sitting down but still!
The last time I saw was at the Channel [v] Launch Pad concert in a black & silver-starred jump suit!



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2 responses to “Kane v/s Bappi Da

  1. Deepti

    “I am a golden man, u r my golden fan”..love bappi da’s new ad that is doing the rounds on the tube of late…

    p.s. bappi da’s best song ever (naturally it has to be written and composed by him:))

    “u r my chicken fry, u r my fish fry,
    na phir tu kehna kudiye bye bye bye”

    (trivia time:apparently, when asked how he was inspired (ahem!) to write this song, bappi da in his trade mark bongla accent responded “mere ko chicken fry accha lagta hai, aur mera biwi ko fish fry accha lagta hai,tho hum gaana bana diyaa:)”..bappi da rocks!)

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