Mallika Ushers in a new friendship

Mallika and Usher

Mallika and Usher

You know, Mallika Sherwat never ceases to amaze me. After becoming the first Bollywood celebrity to have a milkshake named after her at the hotspot ‘Millions of Milkshakes’ in Hollywood city and becoming the latest recipient of the prestigious ‘Arts Award’ in New York (for her unparalleled contributions to and influence with the Indian diaspora, seriously?) she’s even supposedly BFFs with Oprah Winfrey!

Last I heard her new buddy is none other than the hip-hop superstar Usher himself! Apparently they met at the BEST (Better Educated Students for Tomorrow) annual Brunch at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in LA recently. They are apparently so tight that Mallika recently Twittered @MallikaLA,“Met Usher at LA’s Best Brunch. He’s very handsome” and 12 minutes later… “OMG! Usher has promised to dedicate a song to me :)” When a journo asked Mallika for a pic of her Grammy winner friend, she happily shared one, adding: “Why are all the good ones married?”

Who’s willing to bet that she’ll end up in his next music video if she repeats that skimpy black semi-dominatrix outfit she donned for Maxim?!

Usher is also an actor, music producer, philanthropist and entrepreneur. At the brunch, he was given the Family Focus Award. When he met Mallika, she was in LA working on her first Hollywood venture Hisss and attended the event stylishly kitted out in a white knotted shirt with black pants, carrying a huge black handbag.

Usher and Ashton

Usher and Ashton

Meanwhile the real Usher is finally on twitter “Hello to the Twitter Nation…I said I wouldn’t do this. I’m on the set. Ashton and Demi did it!! If you can’t beat em join em! Here goes!!!” @usherraymondiv and is busy shooting for a flick Five Killers with Ashton Kutcher (a major Twitterati @aplusk) and Katherine Heigl (although Usher doesn’t appear to have added Mallika yet, I’m sure his wife Tameka wouldn’t approve!)

On another tweet though, she’s recently taken to posting random little tips for men via Twitter.

“Mallika’s Tips for Men #1”: talk deep, low and slow, move even slower, with confidence 🙂

“Mallika’s Tips for Men” #2: Dental hygiene. No onion breath!

Riveting stuff. I can’t wait for Tip # 3.


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2 responses to “Mallika Ushers in a new friendship

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  2. Karishma

    Hmmm… maybe thats why Usher and his wife have split up!! perfect timing for malli…

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