Mumbai says Sawubona!

Rashmi Uday Singh

Rashmi Uday Singh

Timmy Narang

Timmy Narang

Parvez Damania

Parvez Damania

Alyque Padamsee

Alyque Padamsee

Shivani and Alex

Shweta Keswani and Alex

South African Counsel Gen Busi Kuzwayo, Shantaram, and owner Gita Jivan at the launch of Geet Indo Afro

South African Counsel Gen Busi Kuzwayo, Shantaram, and owner Gita Jivan at the launch of Geet Indo Afro Restaurants

(That’s “Hello” in Zulu by the way.) So Mumbai just got itself an Indo-Afro Restaurant called “Ubuntu” and lounge and Bar called “Marimba.”

FYI Ubuntu is the African counterpart of Om and Marimba, is a musical instrument which adds a romantic quality to African music.

Spotted GJ, aka Geet/Gita Jivan (the owner, how adorable and oh-so-slightly goofy is her costume?!) food critic Rashmi Uday Singh, Alyque Padamsee, tele stars Alex and Shweta Keswani, Actor and model Aryan Vaid, the illustrious Mr. Pervez Damania, models  Hazel, Gazel, Konkona, Talat & Bina Aziz, Anil Dharkar, Timmy Narang, Naved Jaffrey, Gary Richardson (wearing what he must have assumed to be the dress code – an animal print tie) and Cindy Khajol in an animal print backless dress. Um… apologies to PETA, although I’m sure they meant well.)




Gary & Gazel

Gary & Gazel

(From the several oddly attired models the ultimate fashion victim award goes hands down to Gazel here who appears to have taken her role (given her name) a little too seriously. Also the ultra red lipstick is a little too vamp(ire-ish) no? Even Consul General of South Africa, Ms. Busi Kuzwayo attended the opening on Friday where South African drummers from the Drum Café drummed up a delight (I’ve tried the Drum Café workshop by the way SO FUN, do it do it!)


Drum Cafe: rhythm's gonna getchya!


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4 responses to “Mumbai says Sawubona!

  1. Thalassa

    Who is Gary Richardson?

    • Adit

      i think he is an American/British – forget which – stage /theatre personality, living for the last 15 years on and off in Mumbai

  2. Adit

    Did they have a Brie? Serve Boorawoust? Biltong?….and Poiki, if not its not a truely SA experience….Kumbayah

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