Mumbai’s nightlife goes into pre-monsoon overdrive!

So now that I’m all caught up on my blog let me just tell you what an amazingly hectic weekend I’ve had! Friday night: Cafe Goa, Poison, after-party @ Ken’s. Saturday: (Hard Rock Cafe for lunch, Aroma Thai for foot massage) Zenzi Mills, China House, Bling, 7am breakfast buffet @ Leela Kempinski (again!)

For some reason Saturday night in Mumbai was just a little extra rocking. In fact everywhere we went was PACKED beyond belief. I even asked some of the club owners if they knew why. Jehan from Blue Frog explained that the 905 people that showed up were on account of French trance DJ Neuromotor who flew down especially for DJ Asad’s birthday (who played the opening set) what a cool birthday prezzie eh? We unfortunately never made it in the line outside looked a little too daunting! Matan Schabracq who’s new branch of Zenzi next to Blue Frog dubbed “Zenzi Mills” joked, “I think it’s because they heard I’m in town again!” (love him!)  and then went on to explain, “No seriously… I have no idea. Maybe because its almost raining and people are gonna be stuck at home then?” Point. Rishi Acharya who’s new club Oba (which has and I repeat; the best hip hop DJ ever) said, “Place was rocking, the whole older social lot were there for dinner and then in the lounge for drinks. Suresh & Meena Raheja, Sidharth Bhandari, Suzie & Deepak Mirchandani and even Upen Patel.”

Naved Jaffery

Naved Jaffery

P.S. I briefly saw a slightly scruffy-cute looking Kelly Dorji at China House (amid the constant stream of people walking up and down (why do they do that?) perhaps not having bothered to shave since ex girlfriend Lara Dutta and ex best friend and Lara’s new boyfriend Dino Morea are still in Macau) and later at Bling last night Naved Jaffery (was wandering around, not really getting noticed but now that I know he was at the opening of the new Indo Afro restaurant earlier that night, the waistcoat makes more sense) Sohail Khan walked in past 2am (flanked by groupies and bodyguards) and Gautam Singhania was the last to leave. Well maybe technically we were, but I saw Rishi Acharya enjoying the Leela breakfast buffet just like us, what a spread and for 800rs  ($17) what a steal! Tonight I had every intention of attending as Chef Max unfurled his monsoon menu at Olive, Bandra (and as I mentioned A.D. and Sabina Singh played host come rain or shine) but I’m just too partied out! As Garfield once wisely said; “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak!” Tomorrow night I’m on air on 94.3 Radio One with Twitter Tunes, my buddy Chetan’s cricket commentary and live Tarot readings with Lara Shah so tune in, we’ll party. This Wednesday Shamita Singha is hosting the launch of another Sobo (i.e. South Mumbai for the uninitiated) lounge and Something Relevant are playing are Blue Frog (Yesssss!) I’ll be there and not be square.



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3 responses to “Mumbai’s nightlife goes into pre-monsoon overdrive!

  1. well Ms Malini, i guess u have good influence, can u plzzz suggest them to arrage a mansoon bash somewhere in open, like karjat, kharghar or any place in mumbai or outskirt, the point is tht pple who wanna organise are scared of getting busted fr drugs in the party, but mansoons i guess no drugs possible, coz coke well absorb moisture, cant shoot a blunt coz rains, so drugs not possible at all, but hey all can get high on some good trance music,

    Jst a thought

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