Va Va Valhalla!

So like I said this Wednesday I’m going to check out Valhalla @ Eros, Churchgate Mumbai (I think the bpb girls did a sneak preview already) Shamita Singha is hosting what I’m guessing is a post-launch launch party… (Only in Mumbai right?!) Anyhow they sent me two leather coasters, nice touch.

Ironically everything these days seems to bring me back to Tom Robbins (who just became my Facebook friend btw!) He has a quote that goes, “…A good orgasm feels like you’ve left your physical body and been whisked aloft by beautiful valkries to a Valhalla of supra-sensual, intensely emotional ecstasy amidst a chorus of angels singing with the irresistible purity of the Sirens for your soul feasting on the banquet of luscious incredible sensations of pleasure before you return from your transitory gratification like a feather gently falling on the pillow beside your lover with the echoes of the angels fading in your ears. Then you light a cigarette.”

Lets see if the lounge offers a similar experience. 🙂



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5 responses to “Va Va Valhalla!

  1. Raghav Bedi

    Was there last Saturday night. Didn’t know whether I was in Bombay or New York. Where do all these girls hide in the day…?

  2. Yukti

    I’ve heard about this place from a few friends. It’s about time South Bombay had a rockin joint .

  3. Adit

    Aah, What is HE smoking?

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