Khan Calling.

Ajaz Khan

Ajaz Khan

Um so remember this dude? So he called again. (I realize I may not have handled this with a great deal of tact but he caught me by surprise!)

<phone shows Ajaz Khan calling>

missmalini: oh no “Hello?”
Ajaz: “Hey Sweetheart, its Ajaz.”
missmalini: Yup?
Ajaz: “Hey baby you never call, how come?”
missmalini: truly mystified “Why would I call you?”
Ajaz: clearly offended “Why would you call me? Why would you call me?! Don’t you want to be my friend?”
missmalini: silence, in my defense I really didn’t know what to say, I probably wouldn’t mind being his “friend” but I doubt very much that’s what he has in mind!
Ajaz: “You’re busy or what?”
missmalini: “Actually yeah, I’m at work.”
Ajaz: somewhat surprised, although I don’t know why! “You’re at work now?”
missmalini: “Yup!”
Ajaz: wounded-ego sarcasm “Well ok then, have a nice day. That’s a good line why would I call you.”

You think he’ll call back?


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13 responses to “Khan Calling.

  1. karishma

    can’t decide if i’d want you to trip on him more… for which he would need to call you again; or want him to see the blog and feel like an idiot. but if he’s anything like the dilli jat wannabes… then i guess he’ll be over the moon about being ‘famous’. he he he

  2. Karishma

    eeeeksss…. hahahahah… he should call again… and you should give him a piece of your mind along with a link to the blog !! he may actually be happy that he has been written about !! LOL

  3. paris

    bwahahaha! looks like he hasn’t been reading your blog. he wouldn’t have called back if he had read your first post about him. 😛
    btw, totally enjoy your blog! i can’t wait for a new post!

  4. Pavani

    ooooooooooh don’t believe this dude lmao Your line was classic btw ‘why would I call you’. I think he was truly challenged ha ha No one probably spelled it out to him.

  5. Adit

    Wow, honey how did he get your number???? reminds me of those burbians from the Pind, who think they can as familiar as possible….some one tell him (and all like him)….its soooo not COOOL

    • missmalini

      So I confess I gave it to him the night I met him at China House hoping (that if he really was Yuvraj’s body guard) that he’d give me gossip. Bad move.

  6. Haha! I’ve seen this guy hanging around at Barista in 7 bungalows, Andheri(w). Hes a real letch. Literally stripped a friend of mine with his eyes. ‘hawas ka bhooka’! Forgive the language, but he deserves it.

  7. dhruv

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  8. Chetna

    He SHOULD NOT ….. what a lech !!!!

  9. ROFLMAO !

    I just knew this call would have happened !

  10. Deepti

    let me put it this way..for your sake, i hope he doesnt!

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