Who is this and why do I care what she reads?!

Seriously, sometimes I want to smoke what the PR people are smoking. Today I got this odd little press note;

“Greetings for the day!!!
Hope all fine with you
Please find attached the picture and the answered questions about her reading habits and books she likes to read
Feel free to revert for any queries
Hope this you can publish
Thanks and Regards”

P.S. My favorite part is the yoda-esque quality of “this you can publish” as opposed to “can you publish this?”

Jyoti Photo 004

Sneha Wagh

But seriously I don’t recall asking what Sneha Wagh’s favorite books are. (I don’t actually even know who she is, do you?)

1. What is your current bedside reading book?
I am presently reading Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda Its truly an amazing book…many of life’s lessons to be learnt…

2. What is it about the book that fascinates you?
Definitely the best book I have ever read. Gives you an insight of rich Indian saint lineage and their lives. Has totally changed my thought process and anybody can feel positive vibrations as he starts reading this holy book provided he has that devotion and love for all

3. What kind of books do you normally prefer reading just before going to bed?
I like books which follows a simple language yet very much linkage to life. I also like reading fiction, comedy at times even comics…

4. A little on the type of books you like reading?
I had read many books of Sydney Sheldon… almost all the books written by her. At times I prefer sum light stories like for instance the best comedy flick is Trust Me by Rajshree it’s a comic story about love, heart-break and friendship.

5. Who are your favorite authors and why?
As I said … Sydney Sheldon,  Shobha Dey, (fictional stories by them) at times autobiographies …. The reason is I enjoy reading books … and they change my moods if suppose I m upset I read comedy books, (Rajshree – trust me) when I need certain guidance I read autobiographies …

P.S. So turns out she’s almost-famous for her portrayl of “Jyoti” on NDTV Imagine.  The story traces the journey of a young woman Jyoti, the eldest of the three daughters and the sole bread winner of the family who sacrifices her dreams and aspirations to fulfill every need and desire of her family. Ah yes lets propagate that stereotype why don’t we, so healthy.



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14 responses to “Who is this and why do I care what she reads?!

  1. anyone who can say ‘During my college days, I did many theatre plays. So I love acting’ clearly hasn’t got the logic of ’cause’ & ‘effect’ down pat yet…

    irony is, her PR person put in the fact that she’s supposed to be a computer science grad just ahead of that awesome phrasing.

    And who is this PR person who doesn’t posses basic spell check software/capabilities?

  2. anastasia

    this is hilarious!!! seriously LOL!

  3. Adit

    aah….the book talk again…little thing is trying to show she is woman of substance. Let her be guys, this obsession of Indians to prove they read more than the others…….STOP

  4. t

    any publicity is good publicity … the ultimate PR mantra i guess…

  5. missmalini

    And my favorite…
    “Sneha’s yoga therapy for Tandoori Chicken
    Being a foodie maybe a problem for the stars belonging to the glam-world but as far as NDTV Imagine’s new show Jyoti’s lead Sneha Wagh is concerned, she seems to be least bothered about it. “Yes, I am a very big foodie and love eating all the chatpata items like panipuri, sevpuri, etc.” Apart from the masala items the bubbly actress also enjoys the high calorie dishes, “I just love to have the rice, daal with a little ghee and pickle cooked by my mom.” Adding to it, the sweet girl also cherishes having different kind of chocolates and sweets. “We were shooting in Rajasthan and I loved having gazar ka halwa, mawa wali mithai and of course chocolates, which I do enjoy anywhere I am,” speaks Sneha. One food she can’t resist? “Tandoori Chiken. I just love it,” utters Sneha. Jyoti’s Creative Head Deep confirms her love for chicken. “If chicken is in the menu then Sneha always gives one take shot,” laughs Deep.

    But Sneha also doesn’t miss out on keeping up with the trend of size-zero by regularly practicing her yoga sessions. “I do my suryanamaskar and yogasan daily in the morning.” But what about sweating out in the gym like the other actresses? “I believe in natural therapy,” replies the actress.”

    • Deepti

      Oh good lord..and i thought entertainment had died!!!..such actresses should quit doing tv shows (which in any case have no TRPs) and do what they do best, GIVE INTERVIEWS IN ENGLISH:)..here’s a lady who’s entertainment quotient has not been correctly recognised…oh learned ones who make those atrocious soaps, stop making her weep and make her give interviews yaar..she’ll be a sure shot hit!

  6. missmalini

    Just found MORE press releases from her amazing PR agent!

    “Very few engineers prefer to do a career in acting. But our talented and bubbly actress Sneha Wagh from Sphere Origins’s Jyoti has taken this step. According to this computer science graduate, “During my college days, I did many theatre plays. So I love acting.”

    When asked whom does she admire in this film industry she said, “As an actor I like Anil Kapoor. His acting is just mesmerizing. He performs so naturally in his films. I mean I do like Amitabh Bachchan but Amitabh is like God and Anil Kapoor is Anil Kapoor.”

    This young actress loves Kapoor’s acting in all his films especially Subhash Ghai’s Taal. She says, “In the movie Taal, he has done a splendid performance. He has done a lot of masti in the character of Vikrant Kapoor.”

  7. andy

    ahh sidney rest in peace dude.thank god hes gone.
    ‘he’ moron

  8. Akee Kamath

    Considering that her favourite author is Sydney [sic] Sheldon and Sneha believes he is a she, it seems that she’s sacrificed things much more valuable than her dreams & aspirations for her family. Her IQ for instance.

    • missmalini

      I suspect she also believes that “The Alchemist” was the best book ever. I firmly believe that people who rave about that book haven’t read much else! (Apologies Mr. Coelho but I do love “By The River Piedra, I Sat Down And Wept.”)

  9. dhruv

    whatthefuck is comedy book?
    is “trust me ” by rajshree a movie or a book
    whatthefuck is going on

    aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    pls send the PR ppl my email add and request them to send me a press note every morning…

  10. dhvani

    but then they did get wat they wanted – got you to publish it on ur blog right?

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