Wierdass Ham-ateur Nights!


So I was hoping to go to the Weirdass Comedy Ham-ateur night @ Blue Frog on Sunday night hosted by Vir Das but I was pretty beat after bumming around in Bangalore. One of loyal listeners Shachii won passes on my show and says, “it absolutely rocked. Vir Das is AWESOME!!” (Vir good news right from the fans eh?) She also celebrity spotted: Imran Khan. Damn! Pavani you feel my pain I’m sure. Anyhow, next month I’ll be there (apparently the 3rd Sunday of every month it’s open mic comedy night (the first of its kind in India!) so come check it out, and if you think you’re funny this is your big chance to prove it!

Imran Khan and Daniel Radcliff

Imran Khan and Daniel Radcliff

Shachii also asked me if I’ve ever noticed the resemblence between Imran Khan and Daniel Radcliff (aka Harry Potter) hmmm now that you mention it…

P.S. Get it? Vir Das sounds like “wierdass” if you say it with enough of an accent!


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5 responses to “Wierdass Ham-ateur Nights!

  1. Neysa

    I went by, and it was great. Vir did a good act, and the amateurs were pretty good as well. Must also say that the Blue Frog audience was fantastic – very appreciative of all the stand up acts and a great audience for first time comedians.

  2. missmalini

    I’ll make the next one for sure! Vir and gang will be doing a show on Radio One on Saturdays soon stay tuned!

  3. Pavani

    ha ha oh the pain 😀 Did you check out the video of the press conference? Both the boys (Imran and Vir) are damn funny. Hmm resemblance with Daniel.. maybe cos your friend saw him face to face.

  4. Deepti

    u gave me passes!!..and i thought i’d make it…but alas! had to head for an unforeseen and if i might add, extremely boring work trip over the weekend..but thanks anyway:)

  5. 🙂
    Make sure you don’t miss the next one!!

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