Baby Boom!

Rehaan Iyer Agarwal

Rehaan Iyer Agarwal

And it’s baby time again! My other brother Deepak and his wife Lalita had this goregeous baby boy this morning at Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai. Is it just me, or even at 3.3kgs and 50cm doesn’t he look a bit like a super cute (and somewhat Spanish) football player already?! Love it. Rehaan Iyer Agarwal if you please!



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8 responses to “Baby Boom!

  1. Pavani

    oh catching up on your blog. Belated congrats πŸ˜€ They are gorgeous and cousins with similar names ryan and rehaan..wonderful! I have a cousin too born in the same month just 12 days apart woohooo

  2. Chetna

    Congratulations ….. Nephews galore !!!!! They are delightful..

  3. Kalaz

    congratulations .. over and over again…will be loads and loads of fun. i have two nieces… can say .. . enjoi

  4. Adit

    Congrats….you are an Aunt twice over…..lucky girl, now you have two more men to love:))

  5. missmalini

    Thank you everyone πŸ™‚ sooooo excited to go see him today!!

  6. S/J

    Congratulations again to you and your family! He’s soooo cute!


  7. Deepti

    Congrats!!!!.he is maha chweet:)..the bestest things in life come in small packages, isnt it??

    p.s. super thrilled abt the ‘iyer’ part of ur nephew’s surname…with me being an ‘iyer’ and all that:)..iyers rock!!!!!!!!

  8. Congratulations! Missing your s-i-l’s columns in HT . Do tell her πŸ™‚

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