Good Bye MJ; This is it.

I woke up this morning to an SMS that said, “Michael Jackson dead.”

I still don’t quite have the words to express the way I feel. I guess for me the worst part is that he had kinda slipped off the radar, you know? Lost a bit of the superstar appeal amidst loads of ambiguity about his questionable conduct with children, too many crude jokes at his expense and that epic concert he never got to perform at. Ugh.

I guess I feel this way about all posthumous tributes for anyone who dies, famous or not. I wish they could be around to feel the love. Maybe we should pick a day for everyone we know and celebrate them and tell them how amazing they are while they’re still alive, not just after they’re gone…

Flipping the news I heard lots of people say lots of things… He was our generations Elvis Presley. It’s true. He was shrouded in so much mystery that every rumor became a reality. Sad, but true. He made mistakes, everyone does. He had an unhappy childhood. Yes he did and perhaps therein lies the key. He said so himself once that his most honest and autobiographical song written and composed by MJ alone is “Childhood.”

He didn’t have one.

and so, spent the rest of his adult life trying to make one up. Neverland, friends (I guess his mental age), wanting to be Peter Pan doesn’t it all make sense?

All I know is that in every corner of the world people knew him and (for the most part) loved his music. His “This Is It” comeback tour was supposed to kick off next Monday, instead he’s gone and the whole world is playing his tunes in tribute. I guess in a way the magnitude of his impact, that around the world today people are playing his greatest hits is his final grand exit, an epic concert for his biggest audience. This is it.

P.S. Love this; @frankviews says MJ’s Gone Too Soon, dedicated to himself. Born to amuse, to inspire, to delight, Here one day, Gone one night…


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6 responses to “Good Bye MJ; This is it.

  1. hey, but i also wonder about all of the other things you know. if this means, one white/black, man/woman, child scarring person, then it seems not all that bad.
    how many allegations can be consistently made against one man, how many rumours, without any truth attached!
    neways, heres a vanity fair article on all that happened… but nobody remembers all that now.

    like you said, its sad that one has to die to be pure and popular!

  2. Sunil Lewis

    A beautiful eulogy. Thanks Malini.

    Your statement “Maybe we should pick a day for everyone we know and celebrate them and tell them how amazing they are while they’re still alive, not just after they’re gone…” is so true. Almost like celebrating Mother’s day, Father’s day, etc and everybody says we don’t need a specific day to celebrate their existence and to declare our love…but we never get around to do it.

    A friend on facebook couldn’t understand the outpouring of emotions and ‘status updates’ declaring MJ’s demise and how he was a part of everyone’s life, around the world. But people like MJ are such enigmas, they have such a bright and positive charisma that everybody is enamored by their life.

    When we suffer a personal loss, our grief is very personal, we remember every little thing, every manner in which the person made a difference to our life. MJ was and is an icon, and just like every other actor, artist, musician, statesman etc before him will be mourned for years to come… and that too in the public domain.

    RIP Michael Jackson. Like a star in the night sky, you will continue to shine bright for all eternity.

  3. Mini mikey J

    I honestly cannot believe M J is gone. As a kid I grew up listening to his inspiring music, and now it makes me think right back. It isn’t nice how everyone is making more jokes about him, because of the kids thing, but he is innocent until proven guilty, and he wasn’t guilty at all. I hope that there really is a heaven, because that’s where he should be going. He was, still is, and will still be a great role model to millions of people across the globe and I hope that many people from this generation will keep the music he made and keep it going for generations to come. He was the best known of his kind (if there is any one else like him) for years and he still will be. Long live the Mega Mike. Michael Jackson


    long live the MikeXxXxXxXxXxXx

  4. You’re absolutely right, Malz. The fact that everyone across the globe is mourning his death by celebrating his music is truly his epic concert and grand exit. RIP MJ, and thank you for the music.

  5. Preethi

    OMG Malini! I came to know about this last night whilst just browsing the net. Can’t believe he is not with us anymore! Long live the LEGEND! I’ve been listening to the earth song for ages! RIP MJ xx

  6. I am shocked too. And you are right – I guess I too feel this way about all posthumous tributes for anyone who dies, famous or not.
    What a loss!

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