Rakhi’s Reality

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant

Hold everything. Rakhi Sawant’s Swayamvar kicks off tonight on NDTV Imagine where 16 hopefuls will try to impress the notorious Rakhi Sawant, one of them eventually winning her hand in marriage (I wonder if she’s actually going to go through with it! Bets anyone?)

I can tell already that this is going to be one of those train-wreck shows I’ll be totally addicted too, you know the kind you just can’t stop watching cos its so bad, you just have to know if it can get any worse?! Ah reality TV, what a junkie you’ve made of me.

Rakhi was apparently really surprised to see Kanpur boy Atirek Sharma as a contestant on her swayamvar. Atirek is a close friend of Rakhi’s ex, Abhishek Awasthi, but has now severed all ties with him (or has she? maybe he’ll make a surprise wild card comeback and up the drama at some point!) Atirek, who’s been practically stalking Rakhi ever since, even put together a scrap book of pictures from her childhood as a gift for her. Obviously she was thrilled.


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8 responses to “Rakhi’s Reality

  1. Adit

    Man love her or hate – cant ignore her…..would i watch the show, I watched her on Koffee with Karan and you could see K- Jo had a bemused look through out the interview….with her filmi nakhras and all….Gotta hand it to her, she has fabulous PR skills.

  2. sakhi

    One more cheap rip-off reality show from west.there is no harm in copying but plz when u make a show meet its international standard(compare rakhi with current bachelorette). i wonder what this show will end up with (me guessin disgusting dialects with cheap third grade accent will haunt our memory for long) .why these guys cant develop original idea!!!!!

    • Thalassa

      “cheap third grade accent”? The grammatical errors and typos in your comment show just how piss poor your own education is. Think of that before you start casting stones. This sort of class snobbery is pathetic because it’s based on so little, my dear upstart behenji.

  3. Deepti

    oh friggin christ:) male stripper??!!..hmm, but then we r talking abt rakhi sawant…am interested in knowing what this fellow professed as his kaam-dhandha when he made a dashing entrance in the show:-)..if he has not already mentioned his ahem line of work, then we can expect an episode which will run high on emotions (with rakhi sawant acting artificially high strung) called ‘swayamvar mein dhokaa’ or something like that..!

    p.s. on that note, curious to know if u have managed to watch another one of these hitch-up shows (forget the name!) hosted by mohnish behl (with his holier-than- thou attitude and nothing-pisses-me-off smile..yes, sooraj bharjatya has created yet another ‘ideal’ monster) alongwith another woman…i think the show serves an unintended cause: watching this show might help eradicate the concept of arranged marriages!

  4. I loved the way you said’ one of those train-wreck shows I’ll be totally addicted too, you know the kind you just can’t stop watching cos its so bad, you just have to know if it can get any worse?’ Hahaha..that’s a nice one to end the day with a smile.

  5. missmalini

    Ohmygod Ohmygod one of the contestants is Ali! The very same Ali who was at my friends bachelorette party. The one with the monopoly on the male stripper market in Mumbai. Hahahahahahaha hilarious. 🙂

    • sakhi

      so wat else Rakhi will get, a Harvard graduate!!!.these guys just need exposure .I am confident that this show will end just like last season of bachelorette (on abc where mellisa got dumped,so will rakhi do with his so called potetinal groom )

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