End of the road for the Walkman.


Eeks! The Walkman is 3 decades old this week. Last night Justin Timberlake (yes I follow him @jtimberlake) twittered in, “It’s the 30th birthday of the Walkman. The old commercial is a trip” with a link to this commercial…


Sony Sports Walkman

OMG Right? So apart from the fact that I used to own a nifty little (at the time) yellow Sony sports Walkman (which is now referred to as vintage) and had quite a respectable collection of cassette tapes this BBC Magazine experiment (to commemorate the Walkman) was hilarious and heart breaking all at the same time. They gave a 13 year old boy a Walkman to play with for a week. Here’s what he thought.


Down the line I wonder what’s going to make the iPod Nano or the iPhone look bad (and secretly I can’t wait!)


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4 responses to “End of the road for the Walkman.

  1. So good, I Went to my flashback of old memories.

  2. OMG..is it really so long since the walkman was invented?I remember what a craze it was-with the Sony being the highest status symbol..:)tks for reviving those memories..must dig out the panasonic walkman I’ve got stashed away somewhere..:)yep,there are some cassettes too.

  3. Pavani

    ha ha wow! makes me feel so old. Mine first was a Panasonic and I loved it to bits. Wonder where my cassette collection is :S My mom probably threw them out after I left home for college 😦 RIP.

  4. Johnny K

    Well that’s easy…the next iPod nano and iPhone! 😉

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