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missmalini version 2.0ye!

So here’s the plan! I’m working on a full-scale upgrade of my blog (with lots of help from some very generous friends!) Props to Preshit, Aspi, Karan and Nowshad! This involves a little transfer time and tweaking so if I’m MIA now and again you better believe I’ll be back.

Oh btw I saw 17 Again tonight. Cute movie and OMG how cute is this boy?!

Zac Efron

Zac Efron

Didjya Know?

Birth Name: Zachary David Alexander Efron Nicknames: Zacquisha , Hollywood & Zefron

Birthdate: 18 october 1987 (yup, he’s 21!)

Pets: Two Australian Shepherds, Dreamer and Puppy, and Siamese cat, Simon

With the popularity of High School Musical (2006) he had to change his phone number after getting numerous calls from fans.

Zac’s most prized possession is his autographed baseball collection.

Met his current girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, during castings for High School Musical (2006) (TV). They were paired together near the end of casting to see how well they worked together.

Simon Cowell offered him a record deal but he turned it down saying, “…acting is my main priority.”

His acting idol is Johnny Depp. Is a fan of Flight of the Conchords. His favorite movie is The Goonies, 1985 (Love it!)

Was ranked #15 on Moviefone’s ‘The 25 Hottest Actors Under 25′(2008).

Personal Quotes

“If I had to hear the High School Musical (2006) (TV) songs anymore, I would have jumped off of something really tall.” [On why he chose not to do the High School Musical Tour.]

“You know what, I do not want to fall victim to partying too hard, it’s too easy and too often done. It’s out of style anyway, I think too many people have done it before me, I’m not going to. It’s uncool, yeah. I think the rebellious thing to do would to actually be successful.”

“On why he chose 17 Again: Everything else that was around was either a musical or a high school romance, you know, and this was actually the biggest risk and the biggest challenge. I can relate to playing a kid – I’ve had a first kiss, I’ve had awkward dates, I’ve had fights with my parents… But one thing I’ve never done is gotten into a fight with my teenage daughter.”

“I’m definitely not getting married. In this business, you’re either getting married or they want you to be pregnant. I’m not getting married until I’m forty. If ever.” (uh oh, sorry Vanessa, I thought he was a keeper.)

Zac Efron. He’s yummy. (Zac is such a cute boy name isn’t it?) There’s a Zac in my eldest nephew Andre’s class, he’s six and he’s going to be a total babe magnet, so is my nephew btw, luckily he doesn’t know it… yet.
P.S. His little brother (and nephew # 3 for me) Michel has a way with the ladies as well, as you can see.

Michel and Andre Nemec

Michel and Andre Agarwal -Nemec

michel and Shalini Agarwal - Nemec

Michel and Shalini Agarwal - Nemec

Um…in case you noticed, yup; me and my sis have rhyming names. I know, don’t ask. I’ll save that for another rant!



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Royal Brunch with the Peacocks (and a Tigress!)

Amreet Maghera and Anupama Verma

Amrit Maghera and Anupama Verma

Nethra Raghunathan

Nethra Raghunathan

Narayani Shastri, Rahul Aggarwal and Riyaaz Amlani

Narayani Shastri, Rahul Aggarwal and Riyaaz Amlani

Raman Lamba

Raman Lamba

Bunty Grewal and Zulfi Sayed

Bunty Grewal and Zulfi Sayed

Rashmi Nigam

Rashmi Nigam

Shravan Chhabria and Jimmy Felix

Shravan Chhabria and Jimmy Felix

Minisha Lamba and Mr. Dilawar Nensey

Minisha Lamba and Mr. Dilawar Nensey

So Sunday was brunch day. Apart from Del Italia’s first anniversary (pictures coming soon) the launch of the Imperial Palace, the new 5-star property which promises a 17th century experience of royalty happened over brunch hosted by Mr. Amir Nensey, Chairman, Royal Palms India Pvt Ltd along with Muhamed Nensey, Managing Director and Dilawar Nensey, Jt. Managing Director.

The hotel was inaugurated by guest of honor, Shri Ashok Chavan, Chief Minister of Maharashtra along Shri Gurudas Kamat, Minister of Communication & IT.

Spotted: Minisha Lamba, Raman Lamba, Kelly Dorjee, Chetan Bhagat & wife, Pradeep Hirani, Shane & Falguni Peacock, Matan Schabracq,  Sharad Kapoor, Hanif Hilal, Ashmit Patel, Riyaaz Amlani (how’d he manage to be at both?!), Vanadana Sajnani & Rajesh Kakkad, Mouni Roy, Zulfi Sayed, Nethra Raghunathan, Natasha Suri, Ashok Salian, Suved Lohia, Tulip Joshi, Rashmi Nigam, Narayani Shastri, Rahul Aggarwal, Ritik Bhasin, Shweta Salve, Shabir Ahluwalia, Kanchi Kaul, Nihar Pandya, Kashmira Irani, Megha Kawale, Niketan Madhok, Sunny Sara, Amreet Maghera, Anupama Verma, Bunty Grewal, Harrison, Sucheta Sharma, Muzzamil Ibrahim, Shravan Chhabria and Jimmy Felix.

Shane & Falguni Peacock

Shane & Falguni Peacock

On a side note I have always wondered how Shane @ Falguni Peacock got their slightly OTT last name. (Come on it must have crossed your mind too right?) HHC ladies would you know? I mean how many “Peacocks” do you know personally? They even have a swanky website dedicated to high luxury prêt called Peacock Couture. Meanwhile a bird of a different feather is evidently out and about again. Anupama Verma broke out the animal print for the occassion, remiscent of Indian royalty engaged in their favorite pastime of Tiger hunting. I wonder if she’s trying to snag herself a prince! I’m still pretty impressed by her flawless performance on Big Boss, and apparently so was the unsuspecting Aryan Vaid!


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Bar Jockey!




More pictures in from my Bangalore weekend. (Apologies to everyone that I spilled those shots on its hard to aim from on top of the DJ console in high heels!)

P.S. Thanks Neil!


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Baby Boom!

Rehaan Iyer Agarwal

Rehaan Iyer Agarwal

And it’s baby time again! My other brother Deepak and his wife Lalita had this goregeous baby boy this morning at Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai. Is it just me, or even at 3.3kgs and 50cm doesn’t he look a bit like a super cute (and somewhat Spanish) football player already?! Love it. Rehaan Iyer Agarwal if you please!


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Wierdass Ham-ateur Nights!


So I was hoping to go to the Weirdass Comedy Ham-ateur night @ Blue Frog on Sunday night hosted by Vir Das but I was pretty beat after bumming around in Bangalore. One of loyal listeners Shachii won passes on my show and says, “it absolutely rocked. Vir Das is AWESOME!!” (Vir good news right from the fans eh?) She also celebrity spotted: Imran Khan. Damn! Pavani you feel my pain I’m sure. Anyhow, next month I’ll be there (apparently the 3rd Sunday of every month it’s open mic comedy night (the first of its kind in India!) so come check it out, and if you think you’re funny this is your big chance to prove it!

Imran Khan and Daniel Radcliff

Imran Khan and Daniel Radcliff

Shachii also asked me if I’ve ever noticed the resemblence between Imran Khan and Daniel Radcliff (aka Harry Potter) hmmm now that you mention it…

P.S. Get it? Vir Das sounds like “wierdass” if you say it with enough of an accent!


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The Bangalore Beat: Day 2




On Saturday we decided to do the touristy thing and visit Tipu also known as the Tiger of Mysore Sultan’s Palace located smack bang in the center of the city (tickets cost 5rs per Indian, $2 per foreigner.) The three really cool things about it are;
a) arched columns and intricate art work which looks like carpeted ceiling (they really don’t make them like that anymore)
b) the “man-tyger-organ” toy he fashioned to express his opinion of the British!
c) the “flying swords” he invented powered by gun-powder

When we got the munchies we went by another foodies recommendation and hit up the Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (or MTR for short) for lunch. Oh. My God. Absolutely unbelievable vegetarian food and quite an experience (with wildly decorative mirrors) and albeit fairly straight forward wall art…




You’ll find this one on Lal Bagh Road. It takes approximately 15 minutes to get a table, order one of everything like we did (and definitely two medhu vadas) They even have their own signature grape drink (which matched my phone) and delicious South Indian coffee which you cool by pouring back and forth between swanky little silver tumblers.

missmalini and Nowshad Rizwanullah

missmalini and Nowshad Rizwanullah

According to Wikipedia this serves several purposes: mixing the ingredients (including sugar) thoroughly; cooling the hot coffee down to a sipping temperature; and most importantly, aerating the mix without introducing extra water (such as with a steam wand used for frothing cappuccinos!) Who knew?!




After some serious over-eating and a semi food coma we decided to walk through Lal Bagh garden with a variety of trees, flowers, a giant lotus pond, Japanese gardens, some very lazy and content dogs (and a slightly odd enclosure dedicated to snow white and the seven dwarfs.) One serious treat for Mumbaikers who see a shriveled tree or two if they’re lucky but mostly live in major concrete jungles. I realize that sounds harsh and I’m sure I’ll get over it soon, so don’t get me wrong I still ❤ Mumbai big time just wish it was greener!


P.S. Don’t you just Love this friendly sign the government has put up generously offering all its visitors free oxygen? Oh you shouldn’t have. (No really you shouldn’t have.)



We headed out again after a quick stop at the Shilton and decided to check out Fuga (Ashok Nagar.)  When we first got to Fuga, after the psychedelic red hallway it was pretty empty (apart from a Japanese guest in a tiger costume, no idea what that was about) but by about 10:30 it was PACKED beyond belief and the DJ was playing some pretty sweet house music. We spent most of the night enjoying the breeze in their outdoor section and had plans to check out Cosmo Village for Thai food but decided to head to the Leela instead. Oh and we didn’t get time to do this either but Bangalore Pebbles, Ice, Shiro, Hardrock Cafe and a new F-Bar where Shilton guests get a free welcome drink.

The Leela is the most gorgeous hotel by the way and I hear they do a deadly brunch. Interestingly there’s a generation next coffee shop for the cool kids who have no where to go when the clubs shut and a late night Barista inside the Leela arcade seems to be the hang out of choice. But we went old school to the original coffee shop “Citrus” which totally lived up to our expectations and the pizza, club sandwiches and even chicken biryani really hit the spot. Somehow 11:45pm Bangalore time felt an awful lot like 6am Mumbai… I guess as long as you end up at the Leela Kempinski you’re good to go, right Aishwarya? 🙂


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The Bangalore Beat: Day 1

So Bangalore was awesome. I also took a much-needed detox from the Internet this weekend which explains why I’ve been MIA but I’m back, with pictures!

First up the ride to the Mumbai airport from Bandra on Friday was almost a major blog score because we heard a giant CRV honking behind us and saw Salman Khan in the passenger seat. Long hair, window-down, scowling cool-ly and smoking a cigarette. Unfortunately I only managed to get a shot of his knee (but hey I tried!)

So here’s a fast track through my weekend in Bangalore; first up let me just say that Bangalore’s 25 degrees and 57% humidity knocks the pants off Mumbai’s 36 degrees and 94% humidity. (Thank God it was raining when we got back!)


After several recommendations we decided to go for the centrally located Shilton Suites (look for the pink feather!) tip # 1 is that Bangalore traffic makes Mumbai traffic feel like a breeze so unless you like long, and I mean LONG rides pick a central location. Anything near MG Road works. The Shilton is cute, the Luxury Suites cost about 4500rs ($93) a night and the staff is mostly smiling and at your service (they have a little trouble getting two of everything right at breakfast though but I suppose no biggie.)



On Friday we decided to head out and try the famed Japanese restaurant called Harima (Devtha Plaza.) Absolutely delicious food. It may have helped significantly that we had an authentic Japanese guy at the table who did all the ordering for us! (FYI Soto is my boyfriend’s classmate at Harvard Business School and in Bangalore for the summer, so if you’re up for being a happy shiny tourist guide lemme know.)

RJ Anjaan & missmalini

RJ Anjaan & missmalini

Then we headed down the street to Nyx (Residency Road, opposite Purple Haze, above Konark restaurant) where Radio One Desi Grooves was on. Only the hottest Bollywood night in the city that rocks Bangalore every Friday! RJ Anjaan (from94.3 Radio One Bangalore) was up on deck with DJ Jasmeet and gave me a big fat friendly Bangalore welcome which made me feel like a total superstar. (Thanks for that Anjaan!) Sadly Bangalore wraps by 11:30pm tops and unless you find yourself an after-party to attend its generally lights out, quite a switch from an average weekend in Mumbai but still refreshing to see a whole new set of clubs and (I guess since they know the clock is ticking) they sure pack in the power on the dance floor!

Amrita and Anjaan Ganesh

Amrita, Anjaan and a Koala Bear

That’s Anjaan’s gorgeous wife Amrita. Super-fun and friendly and can you believe neither of them drink but just love to dance?! Impressive. Oh, and if you’re wondering why Anjaan is hugging a Kuala Bear (yes a real one) it’s because he was recently in Australia and came this close to bagging “the best job in the world” as island caretaker, check out his application video I thought it was really neat. On the upside his current job is pretty much in the top 10 too in my opinion and I should know! Day two up next…


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