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missmalini has a new address!

Psst! missmalini version 2.0ye is now available on! (I’m still working on getting all the comments migrated and the links/pictures just right so please bear with me.) Also, I have tons of pictures and stuff from the weekend was just waiting for the DNS server to kick in with my new address. So sit back enjoy and don’t worry missmalini is not going anywhere. To the moon baby, to the moon!

Also follow me on Twitter @missmalini for the latest dish.


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Good Bye MJ; This is it.

I woke up this morning to an SMS that said, “Michael Jackson dead.”

I still don’t quite have the words to express the way I feel. I guess for me the worst part is that he had kinda slipped off the radar, you know? Lost a bit of the superstar appeal amidst loads of ambiguity about his questionable conduct with children, too many crude jokes at his expense and that epic concert he never got to perform at. Ugh.

I guess I feel this way about all posthumous tributes for anyone who dies, famous or not. I wish they could be around to feel the love. Maybe we should pick a day for everyone we know and celebrate them and tell them how amazing they are while they’re still alive, not just after they’re gone…

Flipping the news I heard lots of people say lots of things… He was our generations Elvis Presley. It’s true. He was shrouded in so much mystery that every rumor became a reality. Sad, but true. He made mistakes, everyone does. He had an unhappy childhood. Yes he did and perhaps therein lies the key. He said so himself once that his most honest and autobiographical song written and composed by MJ alone is “Childhood.”

He didn’t have one.

and so, spent the rest of his adult life trying to make one up. Neverland, friends (I guess his mental age), wanting to be Peter Pan doesn’t it all make sense?

All I know is that in every corner of the world people knew him and (for the most part) loved his music. His “This Is It” comeback tour was supposed to kick off next Monday, instead he’s gone and the whole world is playing his tunes in tribute. I guess in a way the magnitude of his impact, that around the world today people are playing his greatest hits is his final grand exit, an epic concert for his biggest audience. This is it.

P.S. Love this; @frankviews says MJ’s Gone Too Soon, dedicated to himself. Born to amuse, to inspire, to delight, Here one day, Gone one night…


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The Bangalore Beat: Day 2




On Saturday we decided to do the touristy thing and visit Tipu also known as the Tiger of Mysore Sultan’s Palace located smack bang in the center of the city (tickets cost 5rs per Indian, $2 per foreigner.) The three really cool things about it are;
a) arched columns and intricate art work which looks like carpeted ceiling (they really don’t make them like that anymore)
b) the “man-tyger-organ” toy he fashioned to express his opinion of the British!
c) the “flying swords” he invented powered by gun-powder

When we got the munchies we went by another foodies recommendation and hit up the Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (or MTR for short) for lunch. Oh. My God. Absolutely unbelievable vegetarian food and quite an experience (with wildly decorative mirrors) and albeit fairly straight forward wall art…




You’ll find this one on Lal Bagh Road. It takes approximately 15 minutes to get a table, order one of everything like we did (and definitely two medhu vadas) They even have their own signature grape drink (which matched my phone) and delicious South Indian coffee which you cool by pouring back and forth between swanky little silver tumblers.

missmalini and Nowshad Rizwanullah

missmalini and Nowshad Rizwanullah

According to Wikipedia this serves several purposes: mixing the ingredients (including sugar) thoroughly; cooling the hot coffee down to a sipping temperature; and most importantly, aerating the mix without introducing extra water (such as with a steam wand used for frothing cappuccinos!) Who knew?!




After some serious over-eating and a semi food coma we decided to walk through Lal Bagh garden with a variety of trees, flowers, a giant lotus pond, Japanese gardens, some very lazy and content dogs (and a slightly odd enclosure dedicated to snow white and the seven dwarfs.) One serious treat for Mumbaikers who see a shriveled tree or two if they’re lucky but mostly live in major concrete jungles. I realize that sounds harsh and I’m sure I’ll get over it soon, so don’t get me wrong I still ❤ Mumbai big time just wish it was greener!


P.S. Don’t you just Love this friendly sign the government has put up generously offering all its visitors free oxygen? Oh you shouldn’t have. (No really you shouldn’t have.)



We headed out again after a quick stop at the Shilton and decided to check out Fuga (Ashok Nagar.)  When we first got to Fuga, after the psychedelic red hallway it was pretty empty (apart from a Japanese guest in a tiger costume, no idea what that was about) but by about 10:30 it was PACKED beyond belief and the DJ was playing some pretty sweet house music. We spent most of the night enjoying the breeze in their outdoor section and had plans to check out Cosmo Village for Thai food but decided to head to the Leela instead. Oh and we didn’t get time to do this either but Bangalore Pebbles, Ice, Shiro, Hardrock Cafe and a new F-Bar where Shilton guests get a free welcome drink.

The Leela is the most gorgeous hotel by the way and I hear they do a deadly brunch. Interestingly there’s a generation next coffee shop for the cool kids who have no where to go when the clubs shut and a late night Barista inside the Leela arcade seems to be the hang out of choice. But we went old school to the original coffee shop “Citrus” which totally lived up to our expectations and the pizza, club sandwiches and even chicken biryani really hit the spot. Somehow 11:45pm Bangalore time felt an awful lot like 6am Mumbai… I guess as long as you end up at the Leela Kempinski you’re good to go, right Aishwarya? 🙂


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missmalini’s TV debut!

lcdtvcomboCheck it out, missmalini has arrived! The good people at CNBC TV18 tell me they’re going to feature my blog this week on a show called Tech Toyz. ISD Fri 6:30pm and Sat 7:30pm on. Tune in if you get the chance 🙂


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Tough on Tobacco gets Everyone High!


Tough on Tabacco

Ankur Tewari

Ankur Tewari

Minisha Lamba (right)

Minisha Lamba (right)

Naved Jafri

Naved Jafri

Yudi with Sameer Malhotra

Yudi with Sameer Malhotra

Anita Hassanandani and Ekta Kapoor

Anita Hassanandani and Ekta Kapoor

Adam Bedi and Nisha Harale

Adam Bedi and Nisha Harale Bedi

Riyaaz Amlani, Shamita Singha and Swaati Langeh

Riyaaz Amlani, Shamita Singha and Swaati Langeh

Once again Il Terrazzo saw a host of celebrity faces (big and small) turn up for their weekly live music gig on Wednesday night. Tough on Tobacco played for an audience that included Adam Bedi and his wife Nisha Harale Bedi, Minisha Lamba, Shamita Singha (on a sorta kinda date maybe?) with Craig Wedge (the wine guy, who incidentally will be blogging about wine on missmalini very soon),Yudishthir Urs, Naved Jafri, Ekta Kapoor (don’t let the picture fool you she has a crazy temper), Anita Hassanandani and fellow musicians and music aficionados Ankur Tewari, Shibani Kashyap, Sudhir Mishra, Nikhil D’Souza and obviously Riyaaz Amlani, Sameer ‘Daddy’ Malhotra…

Sapna Bhavnani

Sapna Bhavnani

…and Sapna Bhavnani with her main squeeze Arijit Datta who let me take fun pictures of them for my blog 🙂

*Also remind me to tell you about this amazing Ladakh Confluence my friend Swaati Langeh is organizing in August. It’s going to be Epic!



Sidd Coutto and his band Tough on Tobacco (which consists of Sidd Coutto -Voice/Guitar, Niranjan ‘Pozy’ Dhar– Guitar, Johan Pais – Bass, Gaurav Gupta – Guitar/Voice, Neil Gomes – Violin, Sax, Flute/Voice and Jai Row Kavi – Drums/Voice) did a fabulous job of keeping the vibe going and Sidd belted out song after song with his easy charm and brilliant voice. Love him.  Watching him makes me happy.

P.S. Dontchya just love the violin?


I’m also super impressed with his new recruit Neil Gomes who I’m told used to be a choir boy on his way to the priesthood when he was picked up by Sidd to add incredible flavor to the bad with a saxaphone, violin and even the flute. Sorry mom! (I should totally introduce him to Shanks na?)

Nikhil D'Souza

Nikhil D'Souza

Alternate Reality

Alternate Reality

Sapna Bhavnani and I egged Nikhil D’Souza to come up and play a few songs too (what a voice!) plus we got a sneak peak at next week’s act, Alternate Reality (now this guy seemed like a bit of a rookie but sweet enough and hey I guess everyone’s gotta start somewhere na? Besides he was pretty cute!)

Ishq Bector

Ishq Bector

The comic highlight of the evening however goes hands down to Ishq Bector’s impromptu birthday rap. What was that? Now I know for a fact that Shibani can sing, but their whole jam up sounded totally amateurish at best. I also think it might be time for Ishq to take down his Eminem poster, step away from the speakers and let the whole “hip-hopper” persona go.

You’ve gotsta be kidding me. (Um by the way, P. Diddy called, he want’s his loofah back.)

The thing is, he’s actually not a bad guy at all, but the popped collar and desi-gansta vibe does him zero favors. I’m just saying, perhaps he could take a leaf out of Coutto’s lyrics and “Play it some other way?”


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The Weekend Windup…

I had a super fun weekend… First at the MySpace gig (where Black, Scribe and Mother Jane ripped it up at the Secret Show, particularly Scribe man, can that boy – Vishwesh – growl.) Although I have to confess that isn’t really my sort of music (if you can even call it music, I know I sound like my mother I apologies but it’s true.) Clearly however the teen headbangers were loving it. They even managed to create their own little mosh pit and started doing that somewhat violent “dance” which involves ramming into each other on the floor. Eeks.


Nevil Timbadia

Meanwhile a lot of my friends had been jet-setting around from Jaipur to Nepal so we had a sort-of reunion at Bonobo on Friday. Nevil Timbadia, who runs it is actually one of the most chilled out guys I know and as a result the whole place has his very chilled-out vibe. I highly recommend a visit the next time you’re in Bandra, Mumbai. You can choose between the air-conditioned inside and the tropical-feel outside (where you can also smoke; I’m just saying.)

Navraj & Sheetal Lehl

Navraj & Sheetal Lehl@ China House

The crew after Bling

The crew after Bling

Unexpectedly it turned out to be on of those nights where nobody wanted to go home so we hit China House and Bling, finishing up around 7am at the Leela coffee shop and taking the rickshaw ride of shame home just as Mumbai was waking up (completely oblivious to our night of debauchery!) Of course Saturday was a total right-off (apart from a heavenly foot massage at Aroma Thai.)

This is my friend Joey waiting patiently for her turn.

This is my friend Joey waiting patiently for her turn.

Oh. My. God. Have you been there? I confess I may have been hesitating about sharing my brilliant find for fear it might get too crowded but you just have to know about this. Harpreet Baweja, a 27-year-old NRI from Thailand has imported a foot spa experience like no other and you can enjoy 60 minutes of utter bliss aka the Sawadee which will cost you approximately 700rs ($14 amazing right?!) from the comfort of a lazy-boy as a skilled therapist gives you the best foot rub you’ll ever have. I don’t know what it is about this place but everyone who’s ever been has wanted to go back. Trust me and try it. [There’s one in Khar #022 6056872 and one in town, Mahalaxmi: #022 3536601.] Yes I have both numbers. It’s that good.

Nachiket and missmalini

Nachiket Shetye and missmalini

Ashwin Mushran and Rebecca Maria Vaz (happy shiny newly-weds)

Ashwin Mushran and Rebecca Maria Vaz (the happy shiny newly-weds)

Reshma Bombaywala, Nowshad Rizwanullah and missmalini

Reshma Bombaywala, Nowshad Rizwanullah and missmalini

Juhi Pande and Bruna

Juhi Pande and Bruna Abdulla

Sunny Sara

Sunny Sara

Birthday celebrations which began on Tuesday finally wrapped on Sunday (I guess I’m going with the non-traditional approach of the older I get the more I party!) with a fab double birthday brunch, my buddy Navraj is a fellow Gemini so we decided to join forces at East (the Pan Asian restaurant at Kemps Corner, Mumbai I’m constantly raving about.) Nachiket Sheyte who’s been a Sous Chef at Nobu in NYC (yup he’s the bomb) is totally hands on and serves up a delightful range of Pan-Asian cusine. Apart from all my usual peeps some of my favorite pretty girls showed up including Reshma Bombaywala (who has a secret I can’t tell you yet!), Juhi Pande and Bruna Abdulla (who’s back from doing all sorts of crazy dares on India’s version of Fear Factor.) What a blast. We played beer pong (which Sunny Sara who runs Redlight had major beginners luck with), tried an extremely yummy selection of fruity shots thanks to the “shot-queen” (which for once wasn’t me) and ended up stumbling home at 7pm and totally crashing out. Wicked fun.

P.S. Can you tell who’s excited about the U2 360 tour across Europe this fall? Now that I’ve spent all my money on tickets to the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa I’m going to lay low for this one, I’m still hanging onto the hope that one day Bono will come to Mumbai for an epic concert. After the Slumdog became a Millionaire anything’s possible right?!


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Shake it to Shamur!

Dhiren & Trishna

Dhiren Vaje & Trishna Mathews

So you know how sometimes you watch a music video and everything seems to have fallen into place to make a 3:18mins of magic? Well here’s a great example! I’m a big Shamur fan in general but this video’s particularly special because my friend Trishna Mathews and her partner Dhiren Vaje have put together a little bit of awesome with a slick,  simple, clever and pacey “dance audition” vibe video for Shamur’s latest offering called “Rock Your Body” (and rock you it will!)

Also, what a great track eh?


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