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Baby Boom!

Rehaan Iyer Agarwal

Rehaan Iyer Agarwal

And it’s baby time again! My other brother Deepak and his wife Lalita had this goregeous baby boy this morning at Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai. Is it just me, or even at 3.3kgs and 50cm doesn’t he look a bit like a super cute (and somewhat Spanish) football player already?! Love it. Rehaan Iyer Agarwal if you please!


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Wierdass Ham-ateur Nights!


So I was hoping to go to the Weirdass Comedy Ham-ateur night @ Blue Frog on Sunday night hosted by Vir Das but I was pretty beat after bumming around in Bangalore. One of loyal listeners Shachii won passes on my show and says, “it absolutely rocked. Vir Das is AWESOME!!” (Vir good news right from the fans eh?) She also celebrity spotted: Imran Khan. Damn! Pavani you feel my pain I’m sure. Anyhow, next month I’ll be there (apparently the 3rd Sunday of every month it’s open mic comedy night (the first of its kind in India!) so come check it out, and if you think you’re funny this is your big chance to prove it!

Imran Khan and Daniel Radcliff

Imran Khan and Daniel Radcliff

Shachii also asked me if I’ve ever noticed the resemblence between Imran Khan and Daniel Radcliff (aka Harry Potter) hmmm now that you mention it…

P.S. Get it? Vir Das sounds like “wierdass” if you say it with enough of an accent!


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Oh baby baby!

So remember I was telling you about my brother and sister-in-law expecting baby # 1? Well my bigger brother in SF Alyosh and his wife Yasmin just had baby # 2! This is Ryan. My brother says, “the nurses have been praising his very clear communication style (“directed and purposeful wailing”), which probably makes him suitable for management one-day.” Love it!


Ryan Agarwal

Other famous people born on June 18th include, former Beatles member Paul McCartney, Italian football manager who most recently coached Real Madrid Fabio Capello, American economist Sylvia Field Porter and Italian actor Isabella Rossellini.

Also here’s some cool stuff that happened on June 18th over the years:

18th June 2000: Tiger Woods wins the 100th US Open at Pebble Beach, California winning by an unheard of 15 strokes ahead of his competion ending with a 12 under for the course.

18th June 1948: Columbia Records publicly unveiled its new long-playing phonograph record, the 33 1/3, in New York City. Today, Columbia Records is the oldest record brand in the industry, dating back to 1888 when sound was recorded on black cylinders rather than albums, and begin mass production.

18th June 1998: The late 90’s produced a phenomenon called the dot com boom and just one of those companies snapped up was Infoseek by the Disney Corporation who revamped the site and renamed it GO.

P.S. Gemini’s rule.


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The Bangalore Beat: Day 2




On Saturday we decided to do the touristy thing and visit Tipu also known as the Tiger of Mysore Sultan’s Palace located smack bang in the center of the city (tickets cost 5rs per Indian, $2 per foreigner.) The three really cool things about it are;
a) arched columns and intricate art work which looks like carpeted ceiling (they really don’t make them like that anymore)
b) the “man-tyger-organ” toy he fashioned to express his opinion of the British!
c) the “flying swords” he invented powered by gun-powder

When we got the munchies we went by another foodies recommendation and hit up the Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (or MTR for short) for lunch. Oh. My God. Absolutely unbelievable vegetarian food and quite an experience (with wildly decorative mirrors) and albeit fairly straight forward wall art…




You’ll find this one on Lal Bagh Road. It takes approximately 15 minutes to get a table, order one of everything like we did (and definitely two medhu vadas) They even have their own signature grape drink (which matched my phone) and delicious South Indian coffee which you cool by pouring back and forth between swanky little silver tumblers.

missmalini and Nowshad Rizwanullah

missmalini and Nowshad Rizwanullah

According to Wikipedia this serves several purposes: mixing the ingredients (including sugar) thoroughly; cooling the hot coffee down to a sipping temperature; and most importantly, aerating the mix without introducing extra water (such as with a steam wand used for frothing cappuccinos!) Who knew?!




After some serious over-eating and a semi food coma we decided to walk through Lal Bagh garden with a variety of trees, flowers, a giant lotus pond, Japanese gardens, some very lazy and content dogs (and a slightly odd enclosure dedicated to snow white and the seven dwarfs.) One serious treat for Mumbaikers who see a shriveled tree or two if they’re lucky but mostly live in major concrete jungles. I realize that sounds harsh and I’m sure I’ll get over it soon, so don’t get me wrong I still ❤ Mumbai big time just wish it was greener!


P.S. Don’t you just Love this friendly sign the government has put up generously offering all its visitors free oxygen? Oh you shouldn’t have. (No really you shouldn’t have.)



We headed out again after a quick stop at the Shilton and decided to check out Fuga (Ashok Nagar.)  When we first got to Fuga, after the psychedelic red hallway it was pretty empty (apart from a Japanese guest in a tiger costume, no idea what that was about) but by about 10:30 it was PACKED beyond belief and the DJ was playing some pretty sweet house music. We spent most of the night enjoying the breeze in their outdoor section and had plans to check out Cosmo Village for Thai food but decided to head to the Leela instead. Oh and we didn’t get time to do this either but Bangalore Pebbles, Ice, Shiro, Hardrock Cafe and a new F-Bar where Shilton guests get a free welcome drink.

The Leela is the most gorgeous hotel by the way and I hear they do a deadly brunch. Interestingly there’s a generation next coffee shop for the cool kids who have no where to go when the clubs shut and a late night Barista inside the Leela arcade seems to be the hang out of choice. But we went old school to the original coffee shop “Citrus” which totally lived up to our expectations and the pizza, club sandwiches and even chicken biryani really hit the spot. Somehow 11:45pm Bangalore time felt an awful lot like 6am Mumbai… I guess as long as you end up at the Leela Kempinski you’re good to go, right Aishwarya? 🙂


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Bangalore Bound

Hebbal Flyover, Bangalore
So I’m off to Bangalore for the weekend (I hear they’re having GREAT weather) will report in on Sunday with my city scoping and celebrity spotting (if any.) I still can’t believe everything closes at 11pm! Although DJ Tuhin tells me Athena @ The Leela rocks till about midnight. So far I’ve scored a hotel near the “happening” MG Road called Shilton Suites, more to come. I’ll be Twittering

By the way, if you’re visiting for the first time courtesy CNBC TV18 tech toyz, welcome to my world 🙂

P.S. That psychaelic flyover above is what Bangalore is expected to look like in 2020 according to this website!


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Everybody on the dance floor.

djTimes Music is launching DJ Praveen’s new album “burn d’ dance floor” tonight (no really, that’s how they’re spelling it on the CD too) and Lucky Ali is expected to do the honors. Their (mostly wish-list) guest list reads something like this; Farah Khan, Amrita Rao, Adhyan Suman, Vishal Dadlani, Anjana Sukhani, Mona Singh, Mandira Bedi, Suresh Wadkar, Aditya Narayan, Nilesh Rane & Nitesh Rane (sons of Narayan Rane) singing stars from all the singing reality shows including Abhijeet Sawant, Prajakta Shukre, Rehan Khan, Debojeet Saha, Himani Kapoor, Meenal Jain, Toshi Sabri, Mauli Dave, Arun Shesh Kumar and Cyrus Sahukar will be hosting the event at Enigma, JW Mariotte Mumbai.

(I’ll post pictures of the actual turn out tomorrow!)

P.S. When I texted Vishal Dadlani to ask if he’s planning to attend DJ Praveen’s album launch he replied, “Who??”

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Who is this and why do I care what she reads?!

Seriously, sometimes I want to smoke what the PR people are smoking. Today I got this odd little press note;

“Greetings for the day!!!
Hope all fine with you
Please find attached the picture and the answered questions about her reading habits and books she likes to read
Feel free to revert for any queries
Hope this you can publish
Thanks and Regards”

P.S. My favorite part is the yoda-esque quality of “this you can publish” as opposed to “can you publish this?”

Jyoti Photo 004

Sneha Wagh

But seriously I don’t recall asking what Sneha Wagh’s favorite books are. (I don’t actually even know who she is, do you?)

1. What is your current bedside reading book?
I am presently reading Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda Its truly an amazing book…many of life’s lessons to be learnt…

2. What is it about the book that fascinates you?
Definitely the best book I have ever read. Gives you an insight of rich Indian saint lineage and their lives. Has totally changed my thought process and anybody can feel positive vibrations as he starts reading this holy book provided he has that devotion and love for all

3. What kind of books do you normally prefer reading just before going to bed?
I like books which follows a simple language yet very much linkage to life. I also like reading fiction, comedy at times even comics…

4. A little on the type of books you like reading?
I had read many books of Sydney Sheldon… almost all the books written by her. At times I prefer sum light stories like for instance the best comedy flick is Trust Me by Rajshree it’s a comic story about love, heart-break and friendship.

5. Who are your favorite authors and why?
As I said … Sydney Sheldon,  Shobha Dey, (fictional stories by them) at times autobiographies …. The reason is I enjoy reading books … and they change my moods if suppose I m upset I read comedy books, (Rajshree – trust me) when I need certain guidance I read autobiographies …

P.S. So turns out she’s almost-famous for her portrayl of “Jyoti” on NDTV Imagine.  The story traces the journey of a young woman Jyoti, the eldest of the three daughters and the sole bread winner of the family who sacrifices her dreams and aspirations to fulfill every need and desire of her family. Ah yes lets propagate that stereotype why don’t we, so healthy.


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