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Khan Calling.

Ajaz Khan

Ajaz Khan

Um so remember this dude? So he called again. (I realize I may not have handled this with a great deal of tact but he caught me by surprise!)

<phone shows Ajaz Khan calling>

missmalini: oh no “Hello?”
Ajaz: “Hey Sweetheart, its Ajaz.”
missmalini: Yup?
Ajaz: “Hey baby you never call, how come?”
missmalini: truly mystified “Why would I call you?”
Ajaz: clearly offended “Why would you call me? Why would you call me?! Don’t you want to be my friend?”
missmalini: silence, in my defense I really didn’t know what to say, I probably wouldn’t mind being his “friend” but I doubt very much that’s what he has in mind!
Ajaz: “You’re busy or what?”
missmalini: “Actually yeah, I’m at work.”
Ajaz: somewhat surprised, although I don’t know why! “You’re at work now?”
missmalini: “Yup!”
Ajaz: wounded-ego sarcasm “Well ok then, have a nice day. That’s a good line why would I call you.”

You think he’ll call back?



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missmalini’s TV debut!

lcdtvcomboCheck it out, missmalini has arrived! The good people at CNBC TV18 tell me they’re going to feature my blog this week on a show called Tech Toyz. ISD Fri 6:30pm and Sat 7:30pm on. Tune in if you get the chance 🙂


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Mumbai’s nightlife goes into pre-monsoon overdrive!

So now that I’m all caught up on my blog let me just tell you what an amazingly hectic weekend I’ve had! Friday night: Cafe Goa, Poison, after-party @ Ken’s. Saturday: (Hard Rock Cafe for lunch, Aroma Thai for foot massage) Zenzi Mills, China House, Bling, 7am breakfast buffet @ Leela Kempinski (again!)

For some reason Saturday night in Mumbai was just a little extra rocking. In fact everywhere we went was PACKED beyond belief. I even asked some of the club owners if they knew why. Jehan from Blue Frog explained that the 905 people that showed up were on account of French trance DJ Neuromotor who flew down especially for DJ Asad’s birthday (who played the opening set) what a cool birthday prezzie eh? We unfortunately never made it in the line outside looked a little too daunting! Matan Schabracq who’s new branch of Zenzi next to Blue Frog dubbed “Zenzi Mills” joked, “I think it’s because they heard I’m in town again!” (love him!)  and then went on to explain, “No seriously… I have no idea. Maybe because its almost raining and people are gonna be stuck at home then?” Point. Rishi Acharya who’s new club Oba (which has and I repeat; the best hip hop DJ ever) said, “Place was rocking, the whole older social lot were there for dinner and then in the lounge for drinks. Suresh & Meena Raheja, Sidharth Bhandari, Suzie & Deepak Mirchandani and even Upen Patel.”

Naved Jaffery

Naved Jaffery

P.S. I briefly saw a slightly scruffy-cute looking Kelly Dorji at China House (amid the constant stream of people walking up and down (why do they do that?) perhaps not having bothered to shave since ex girlfriend Lara Dutta and ex best friend and Lara’s new boyfriend Dino Morea are still in Macau) and later at Bling last night Naved Jaffery (was wandering around, not really getting noticed but now that I know he was at the opening of the new Indo Afro restaurant earlier that night, the waistcoat makes more sense) Sohail Khan walked in past 2am (flanked by groupies and bodyguards) and Gautam Singhania was the last to leave. Well maybe technically we were, but I saw Rishi Acharya enjoying the Leela breakfast buffet just like us, what a spread and for 800rs  ($17) what a steal! Tonight I had every intention of attending as Chef Max unfurled his monsoon menu at Olive, Bandra (and as I mentioned A.D. and Sabina Singh played host come rain or shine) but I’m just too partied out! As Garfield once wisely said; “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak!” Tomorrow night I’m on air on 94.3 Radio One with Twitter Tunes, my buddy Chetan’s cricket commentary and live Tarot readings with Lara Shah so tune in, we’ll party. This Wednesday Shamita Singha is hosting the launch of another Sobo (i.e. South Mumbai for the uninitiated) lounge and Something Relevant are playing are Blue Frog (Yesssss!) I’ll be there and not be square.


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Quasi-stellar radio source.

PS Flyer for Friday Club

I love Q Theater Productions aka QTP. They’re now out with a new Project S.T.R.I.P. A comedy of Development directed by the extremely clever and quirky Q (aka Quasar Padamsee son of the renowned stage actors Alyque Padamsee and Dolly Thakore. Didjya know that his mother was a casting director for the Academy Award winning film Gandhi in 1982 an his father played the role of Jinnah in the same movie, Cool eh?)

If you happen to be in town head to Sathaye College Auditorium Vile Parle (East) on the 27th & 28th of June 09 @ 7pm, Tickets  ate 100rs ($2) a pop!

P.S. I also think he has the most unique name I’ve ever heard. Quassar is short for quasi-stellar radio source. A compact, starlike celestial body with a power output greater than our entire galaxy. Wow right?!

Lalita and Deepak

Lalita and Deepak

While we’re on the subject of names btw my big bro & sister-in-law Deepak and Lalita (seriously how cute are they?!) are expecting their very own bundle of joy next weekend and are still a bit mystified on the baby-name front. I’ve been trying to think of a few options for them but I’m hoping they won’t mind my asking you too – dear reader, since you never know where inspiration lurks! (Besides they’ve had some pretty bizarre suggestions and you know how much your name can change your life right?!) Please post your suggestions in the comments quick! (They have narrowed it down to Tia if its a girl and are contemplating Kian if its a boy. I like them both.) I’m so excited!!


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No Place like Home – Mumbai 24 – Mid Day (Mumbai)


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Advantage Federer?


So didjya hear? In a small respite from cricket domination in the world of sport Roger Federer beat Robin Soderling to bag his record-tying 14th Grand Slam Championship at the French Open today. Federer’s 6-1, 7-6 (7-1), 6-4, win over Soderling marked his first French Open title, (the only major tournament title he hadn’t won yet,  he’s been the runner-up in the previous three French Opens.) It was his 14th Grand Slam title overall, tying Pete Sampras for the record of the most major tournament titles in mens tennis. Federer is just the sixth male player to complete the personal Grand Slam.

Arbaaz Khan and Roger Federar

Arbaaz Khan and Roger Federer

On a totally random note doesn’t he look A LOT like Arbaaz Khan? Not that I think looking or acting like the grumpy Khan brother is much of an “advantage” but who knows he did manage to marry the super hottie Malaika Arora. Maybe he can pull a “Hollywood” and bag a Bollywood film like Shane Warne (he’s probably got some time to kill till Wimbledon anyway.)


Check out this totally adorable sorta smile I captured off the TV. Very romantic hero-esque na?

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Go Tweet Yourself.

birdandt_tcm18-151058Remember how I told you I’ve decided to become the Mumbai Twitterazzi? (Follow me @missmalini.) So I’m doing my best to stay up to speed with all the lingo, technology (like the Tweet Deck) and Twitterati (i.e. celebrities/glitterati on Twitter) too! Now Gul Panag (possibly the only regular Bollywood Tweeter) is superfast with her tweets, you can follow her @gulpanag, she’ll tweet stuff like “Sitting under tree while I wait for the artificial rain shot to be set up. Spiders and all things similar are falling all over me.” (Random but personal, its nice.)

kidAnd then I came across this whole site dedicated to celebrities on Twitter called (you guessed it) Celeb Twitter. Everybody seems to be doing it! (I’m now following everyone from Perez Hilton @perezhilton (who’s kinda my inspiration for starting this blog, just tweeted him hope he replies!) and his own sorta inspiration Paris Hilton @babygirlparis to MC Hammer @MCHammer (can you believe it! You can’t touch this represent!)

Hold everything its David Hasselhoff @DavidHasselhoff.

TheEllenShow (love her, she made Obama dance!) and even the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger @Schwarzenegger (actually make that Governor Schwarzenegger) to Demi Moore who very cutely calls herself @mrskutcher (what an adorably geeky picture btw, she gives all the awkward little preteens SO much hope!) I’m guessing it was hubby Ashton Kutcher’s idea to begin with. (Remember he even had a bet on with CNN to see who gets a million followers first! According to Mashable he’s totally won that and heralded in a whole new face of social media.)

I mean its almost a little too much that you can directly tweet these global celebrities now (not to mention read their personal interactions with each other on the fly)  and whether or not they reply it’s a whole lot more likely to hit their radar than snail mail fan mail ever could. The fact that they now tell us where the party’s at and what they’re thinking/eating/doing/watching/wearing kinda puts the traditional paparazzi on virtual time out on the bench doesn’t it? It’s a whole new world and and its all a little bitter-tweet.


P.S. Try the Tweet Deck. Great way to keep on top of all your tweets and even synch in Facebook! Plus its super customizable look at mine, it comes in pink! (Much like my LPC and LPP!)


Ode to a random forgotten icon: I bet the creators of Tweety Bird had NO IDEA this was going to happen. I wonder what they’re thinking; “I tawt I taw a royalty check?”

Didjya Know?
Tweety (also known as Tweety Bird and Tweety Pie) is a fictional Yellow Canary in the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of animated cartoons. Tweety’s popularity, like that of The Tasmanian Devil, actually grew in the years following the dissolution of the Looney Tunes cartoons.[citation needed] The name “Tweety” is a play on words, as it originally meant “Sweetie”, along with “tweet” being a typical English onomatopoeia for the sounds of birds. Tweety has appeared in 48 cartoons.

Tweety is, for the most part, a good-natured character happily spending life in his cage or a nest. However, when a cat or other adversary threatens him, he can become downright malicious and devious, even kicking his enemy when he’s down. In many of Tweety’s appearances the bird is shown accompanying his owner, Granny.

(Isn’t Wikipedia wicked cool?!)


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