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missmalini has a new address!

Psst! missmalini version 2.0ye is now available on! (I’m still working on getting all the comments migrated and the links/pictures just right so please bear with me.) Also, I have tons of pictures and stuff from the weekend was just waiting for the DNS server to kick in with my new address. So sit back enjoy and don’t worry missmalini is not going anywhere. To the moon baby, to the moon!

Also follow me on Twitter @missmalini for the latest dish.



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Who is this and why do I care what she reads?!

Seriously, sometimes I want to smoke what the PR people are smoking. Today I got this odd little press note;

“Greetings for the day!!!
Hope all fine with you
Please find attached the picture and the answered questions about her reading habits and books she likes to read
Feel free to revert for any queries
Hope this you can publish
Thanks and Regards”

P.S. My favorite part is the yoda-esque quality of “this you can publish” as opposed to “can you publish this?”

Jyoti Photo 004

Sneha Wagh

But seriously I don’t recall asking what Sneha Wagh’s favorite books are. (I don’t actually even know who she is, do you?)

1. What is your current bedside reading book?
I am presently reading Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda Its truly an amazing book…many of life’s lessons to be learnt…

2. What is it about the book that fascinates you?
Definitely the best book I have ever read. Gives you an insight of rich Indian saint lineage and their lives. Has totally changed my thought process and anybody can feel positive vibrations as he starts reading this holy book provided he has that devotion and love for all

3. What kind of books do you normally prefer reading just before going to bed?
I like books which follows a simple language yet very much linkage to life. I also like reading fiction, comedy at times even comics…

4. A little on the type of books you like reading?
I had read many books of Sydney Sheldon… almost all the books written by her. At times I prefer sum light stories like for instance the best comedy flick is Trust Me by Rajshree it’s a comic story about love, heart-break and friendship.

5. Who are your favorite authors and why?
As I said … Sydney Sheldon,  Shobha Dey, (fictional stories by them) at times autobiographies …. The reason is I enjoy reading books … and they change my moods if suppose I m upset I read comedy books, (Rajshree – trust me) when I need certain guidance I read autobiographies …

P.S. So turns out she’s almost-famous for her portrayl of “Jyoti” on NDTV Imagine.  The story traces the journey of a young woman Jyoti, the eldest of the three daughters and the sole bread winner of the family who sacrifices her dreams and aspirations to fulfill every need and desire of her family. Ah yes lets propagate that stereotype why don’t we, so healthy.


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missmalini’s TV debut!

lcdtvcomboCheck it out, missmalini has arrived! The good people at CNBC TV18 tell me they’re going to feature my blog this week on a show called Tech Toyz. ISD Fri 6:30pm and Sat 7:30pm on. Tune in if you get the chance 🙂


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The Weekend Windup…

I had a super fun weekend… First at the MySpace gig (where Black, Scribe and Mother Jane ripped it up at the Secret Show, particularly Scribe man, can that boy – Vishwesh – growl.) Although I have to confess that isn’t really my sort of music (if you can even call it music, I know I sound like my mother I apologies but it’s true.) Clearly however the teen headbangers were loving it. They even managed to create their own little mosh pit and started doing that somewhat violent “dance” which involves ramming into each other on the floor. Eeks.


Nevil Timbadia

Meanwhile a lot of my friends had been jet-setting around from Jaipur to Nepal so we had a sort-of reunion at Bonobo on Friday. Nevil Timbadia, who runs it is actually one of the most chilled out guys I know and as a result the whole place has his very chilled-out vibe. I highly recommend a visit the next time you’re in Bandra, Mumbai. You can choose between the air-conditioned inside and the tropical-feel outside (where you can also smoke; I’m just saying.)

Navraj & Sheetal Lehl

Navraj & Sheetal Lehl@ China House

The crew after Bling

The crew after Bling

Unexpectedly it turned out to be on of those nights where nobody wanted to go home so we hit China House and Bling, finishing up around 7am at the Leela coffee shop and taking the rickshaw ride of shame home just as Mumbai was waking up (completely oblivious to our night of debauchery!) Of course Saturday was a total right-off (apart from a heavenly foot massage at Aroma Thai.)

This is my friend Joey waiting patiently for her turn.

This is my friend Joey waiting patiently for her turn.

Oh. My. God. Have you been there? I confess I may have been hesitating about sharing my brilliant find for fear it might get too crowded but you just have to know about this. Harpreet Baweja, a 27-year-old NRI from Thailand has imported a foot spa experience like no other and you can enjoy 60 minutes of utter bliss aka the Sawadee which will cost you approximately 700rs ($14 amazing right?!) from the comfort of a lazy-boy as a skilled therapist gives you the best foot rub you’ll ever have. I don’t know what it is about this place but everyone who’s ever been has wanted to go back. Trust me and try it. [There’s one in Khar #022 6056872 and one in town, Mahalaxmi: #022 3536601.] Yes I have both numbers. It’s that good.

Nachiket and missmalini

Nachiket Shetye and missmalini

Ashwin Mushran and Rebecca Maria Vaz (happy shiny newly-weds)

Ashwin Mushran and Rebecca Maria Vaz (the happy shiny newly-weds)

Reshma Bombaywala, Nowshad Rizwanullah and missmalini

Reshma Bombaywala, Nowshad Rizwanullah and missmalini

Juhi Pande and Bruna

Juhi Pande and Bruna Abdulla

Sunny Sara

Sunny Sara

Birthday celebrations which began on Tuesday finally wrapped on Sunday (I guess I’m going with the non-traditional approach of the older I get the more I party!) with a fab double birthday brunch, my buddy Navraj is a fellow Gemini so we decided to join forces at East (the Pan Asian restaurant at Kemps Corner, Mumbai I’m constantly raving about.) Nachiket Sheyte who’s been a Sous Chef at Nobu in NYC (yup he’s the bomb) is totally hands on and serves up a delightful range of Pan-Asian cusine. Apart from all my usual peeps some of my favorite pretty girls showed up including Reshma Bombaywala (who has a secret I can’t tell you yet!), Juhi Pande and Bruna Abdulla (who’s back from doing all sorts of crazy dares on India’s version of Fear Factor.) What a blast. We played beer pong (which Sunny Sara who runs Redlight had major beginners luck with), tried an extremely yummy selection of fruity shots thanks to the “shot-queen” (which for once wasn’t me) and ended up stumbling home at 7pm and totally crashing out. Wicked fun.

P.S. Can you tell who’s excited about the U2 360 tour across Europe this fall? Now that I’ve spent all my money on tickets to the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa I’m going to lay low for this one, I’m still hanging onto the hope that one day Bono will come to Mumbai for an epic concert. After the Slumdog became a Millionaire anything’s possible right?!


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Rockstars, Celebrities (and a Bodyguard)

Oh boy. So where do I begin? This weekend has been pretty phenomenal overall with much more celebrity spotting than I had any idea was on the cards but as they say yeh hain Mumbai meri jaan (this is Mumbai my love) and anything is possible here!



*This is a nod to my favorite author Tom Robbins and his book Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (this is in fact true of ALL girls.) But as you can tell I am not at all blue at this particular moment (neither am I a cowgirl, I just had time to kill, a camera and a hat.)



My night kicked off at Hard Rock Cafe where I was hosting the Ambassadors of Rock contest for Hard Rock Calling to send one lucky “rockstar” on an all-expense trip for two to London (Hyde Park) to watch Bruce Springsteen And E Street Band, Dave Mathews Band, The Killers, The Kooks, Neil Young, Fleet Foxes, The Pretenders and Seasick Steeve LIVE in concert. I love that this dude won.

Vinay Venkatesh & missmalini

Vinay Venkatesh & missmalini

Vinay Venkatesh actually IS a rockstar (can’t you tell?) He’s part of an Indian rock band called Bhayanak Maut aka Deadly Death (!) and hopes to give out copies of his new album on this trip. He was possibly the most shy rockstar I have ever met though and while my first impression was “woah scary” I eventually thought of him as “big & cuddly” (like a bear.)

And so began the celebrity spotting…



Now before you take me for some kind of megalomaniac please allow me to explain why I’m doing the cheesy poses along-side most of the “celebrities” in this weekend’s “spotting.” Believe it or not they all insisted I pose with them. Now I’ve tried to figure out why that is and have come to the following conclusions;

a) Said celebrities have (so far) not read my blog so don’t quite know what I’m up to (although this may potentially be a good thing.)

b) The fact that I’m requesting to take their picture with an LPC (or sometimes LPP) leads them to believe that I am how sweet a fan and by allowing me to share some pixel-space with them they’re being the celebrity with the big heart who is all about the fans.

(and this is based purely on Arbaaz Khan’s reaction at Shiro, Mumbai.)


c) They are wary of paparazzi catching them in compromising situations and feel safer with you in the picture since for one, paparazzi can’t print their own pictures (but lol@youmistercelebrity they sure can blog them!) and two they’re less likely (or so they think) to end up photo-shopped into a compromising situation.

Your guess is as good as mine. But as long as I GET the picture I’m solid. So whatever it takes baby, whatever it takes (plus I’m told I’m easy on the eye so hopefully you won’t mind too much!)

So anyway, remember Alina Wadiwala from Big Boss? She came up to ask (quite sweetly) about the next contest of its kind and was super friendly. My friends and I later headed over to Shiro ( good job if you noticed I changed!) where the music was jumping and found the waiters hovering around one particular table. Turns out they were expecting Malaika Arora & Arbaaz Khan at a private birthday celebration for a friend. Malaika was sweet enough to pose for a picture but Arbaaz pretty much flipped out when I took his (maybe I should have asked first but honestly he’s got to be used to it by now right? Besides you were there with your wife dude its legit chill out!) I mean he literally looked like I was trying to shoot him with a gun!


Newlyweds Amrita Arora & Shakeel Ladak showed up later, looked very much in love and lovingly put away several kamikaze shots in the process! Since I’ve texted Amrita from time to time for a quote or two for my column she was very friendly and quite willingly posed for this picture (and I mean posed) I like her she’s fun.


Oh and this was the best part! I met Nilesh Pawar who said “Hey you’re Malini right, you write articles…?” Bingo. Score. Slamdunk. Malaika Arora Khan’s bodyguard reads my blog. How cool is that?! He’s even offered to mail me some pictures of himself (looking intimidating.) Love it. Really nice guy too, he’s apparently worked the door (as a bouncer no doubt) at White (Rij Eappan’s bar, I used to love White) and even Shiro. He told me that they were coming in from Zenzi Mills and life is pretty chilled out since he only needs to be on duty once or twice a week.

(Can we just take a moment to lol@Arbaaz Khan though for a sporting a mean-ass sneer but having his wife’s bodyguard around just in case! Hilarious.)

P.S. I call this one “A Model & A Rockster!”



These are my friends Joey Cheng and Sidd Coutto. Sidd is also a rockstar and you can catch him at Daddy’s Wind Song Wednesday on June 3rd (don’t miss it he’s really good!) Joey is a lovely, shiny happy girl (with exotic good looks and loads of charisma) plus she just bought this fabulous new “Symphony Dress” and bag from French Connection so I just had to post you her pictures. Pretty right?!


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Becoming Twitterazzi

nokia6220cbackviewpurpleSo as you may have noticed I’ve recently discovered the wonderful world of Twitter which I confess eluded me for way longer than necessary. So now that I’ve figured it out I can bring you the juice, fresh (and with pictures) from my night outs in Mumbai thanks to my fabulous trusted 5 mega-pixel phone camera [entirely intentional Nokia plug] who knows, maybe they’ll feel like giving me an upgrade? It’s almost my birthday you know.)

Now all YOU have to do is do (as Uncle Cracker once said) is “follow me” on Twitter! You can find me here as missmalini of course; I promise you an endless supply of gossip, celebrity spotting, gig updates (for followers IN Mumbai) and wherever possible, eye-candy for boys & girls alike. Deal?

(And for those not on twitter not to worry I’ll make sure those pictures come up on missmalini the blog “old school” style as well!) so here’s what I twittered recently…

So remember the one time my camera wasn't working and I missed taking a picture of Imran Khan? *sob* I did manage to get thise one on my camera! Something Relevant ripping it up at Daddy's Windsong...

So remember the one time my camera wasn’t working and I missed taking a picture of Imran Khan? *sob* I did manage to get this one on my camera! Something Relevant ripping it up at Daddy’s Wind Song…

Comic trio Vir Das, Kabir and Saurabh Panth dropped into the studio last week, they're going to be kicking off a brand new (and very funny) "relationship advice" show on 94.3 Radio One on Saturdays at 4pm starting next week called "Guy Bhains"  These guys crack me up :) *Bhains in Hindi means bull.

Comic trio Vir Das (who was very funny on Women’s Day), Kabir Singh and Saurabh Panth dropped into the studio last week, they’re going to be kicking off a brand new (and very funny) “relationship advice” show on 94.3 Radio One Saturdays at 4pm starting next week called “Guy Bhains” (watch out ladies!) These guys crack me up 🙂
*Bhains in Hindi means bull.

Last night I was hosting this gig for Hard Rock Cafe (again)  and caught up with Sidd Coutto from the band Tough on Tobacco (remember I told you about him after the Channel [v] Launch Pad after party?) Well catch him on June 3rd at Il Terazzo for another smashing Daddy’s Wind Song Wednesday!


Oh and then I had this random I ❤ Mumbai moment when I caught the first monsoon drizzle last week. *sigh* I really do ❤ Mumbai!


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A point about Pinto

Elite Calendar photo

Elite calendar photo

So I seriously can’t understand what all the fuss is about Freida Pinto’s allegednaked calendar” shoot with Elite (modeling agency) before she was famous. This is the supposed “naked picture” ooooh. Right?!

But hang on a second, is it that she’s not actually wearing clothes but covered up by various feather-like things with an odd bodiless male model leaning in (about to take a bite out of her ear by the looks of it) is THAT the problem? Because if it was purely based on “erotica” then how come nobody is pointing a finger at her sizzling shoots for GQ, Complex and Maxim? All magazines with a reputation for fairly racy pictures of very hot women. You be the judge. (And for heavens sake boys stop drooling!)









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