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Friday Night Full Tight*

*Friday Night Full Tight loosely translates to “got wrecked” in America speak.

Jonathan Atherton

Jonathan Atherton

Lara Dutta

Lara Dutta

Rajat Kapoor, Anubhav Pal and Rahul Da Cunha

Rajat Kapoor, Anubhav Pal and Rahul Da Cunha

Friday night turned out to be quite an epic evening (by which I mean we eventually ended up at Bling.) Starting off with an entertaining stand up act called “Around the World in 80 minutes” by Jonathan Atherton who does a fair amount of cultural mimickery amid his mostly self-effacing humor. (I find Mumbai laughs loud and easily at most stand up comics. We’re good like that.) The only slightly uncomfortable silence during the show was when he (rather seriously) mentioned that abused women make better lovers. Followed by no punchline. Er… Spotted Lara Dutta, Rajat Kapoor, Anubhav Pal and Rahul Da Cunha all in for the gig as well.

Juhi Pande

Juhi Pande


missmalini and Abhay Deol

Abhay Deol

Abhay Deol

After the show we all headed over to Zenzi for drinks where I ran into a very pretty Juhi Pande and an equally friendly Abhay Deol. It’s impossible to dislike anyone with dimples I feel. He was really sweet about posing for these pictures and (as is my fate) must have assumed I was a fan. I kinda am now.


The tree outside Bling which we usually end up at around 7am!

Polly Esthers

Polly Esthers

So we ended up going from Zenzi to Shiro to Oba to Polly to Bling (where after they shut for the general public I think they reopened for Sohail Khan and crew.) Luckily this time we made it home before dawn and woke up the next afternoon and went straight to Salt Water Cafe for lunch. Yum. As we were leaving we spotted this heavily guarded ride. Wonder who’s it is. Anyone?


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bar. love. food.

So I’ve been wondering why my week flies by so quickly and the weekend stops down just long enough for me to get really excited about it before *boom* it’s right before Monday again. And I realized (much to the amusement of my friends, who seem to all know this already) that my life is pretty hectic. But “good” hectic I assure you.


Johnny Deep

So Friday night I spent at Henry Tham’s in Colaba, Mumbai (which is actually quite rocking on the weekend so much so that is impossible to get from one end of the bar to the other without getting a full body massage.) An interesting Aussi-Panju DJ I met a few weeks ago called Nathan aka Johnny Deep was spinning funky fat funky minimal the sound of Ibiza (I’m so old I don’t even know what that means.) Anyway he was fun and the rest of my bar-hopping involved a trip to Redlight, Kala Ghoda Mumbai (no brainer if you want to dance to your favorite tunes like nobody’s watching) and then Oba, Colaba Mumbai (Rishi Acharya’s new pad which has the most awesome hip-hop DJ (Henry) in town for starters and it’s open late. Win win combo wouldnchya you say?)

Oh and by the way if you want something a little more laid back here’s new bar alert: a new “lounge eatery” just opened it’s doors in South Mumbai’s. It’s called “Tawouk.” (Wikipedia fans you’re right it comes from the Turkish word for chicken “Taouk” I’m told it has the feel of a house party minus the hassle. The DJ spins house and hip hop and you can play Nintendo Wii! “I thought of everything I’d like to see and experience when I go out, and put it in here,” says Suren, who used to design high performance engines and had a modeling stint in the US before he turned to the restaurant business.

Mid Day describes the owner as a “dishy” software engineer-turned-restaurateur Suren Joshi who has collaborated with Zenzibu owner Sunpreet Singh to set Tawouk up a stone’s throw away from Bombay Stock Exchange.
Potentially worth checking out for all the dishy-ness on (and off) the menu.

Where its at: 105, Apollo Street, BS Marg, near Stock Exchange, Fort, Churchgate

So then Saturday rolled around and since it was a dry day we did the right thing and had a house party at a friend’s  apartment. (Random thought; I find a majority of our conversations on Saturday’s have to do with something hilarious that happened on Friday.) Anyway the only celebrity spotting I did was Juhi Pande who truly has the most charming self-deprecating sense of humor I have ever seen on a girl. She revealed a life-long phobia of worms, caterpillars, centipedes you name it and mused that perhaps in a previous life she may have been a leaf and eaten by one. She even made like a leaf. I love her. She cracks me up. (P.S. She now has abs of steel thanks to crunches & skipping.)

Jean-Marie and Claire

Jim and Claire

Sunday of course was the piece-de-resistance as my friend Jean-Marrie Tassel aka “Jim” (it’s just easier that way) would say in his fabulous French accent. By the way he (and his friend Claire Thibault) are the friendliest French people I have ever met in my life and constantly appreciative that people in Mumbai are so nice to them. So if you happen to see them please say hello (nicely) they’re only here for another few weeks and I don’t want anything to kill their Bombay buzz!

Bonobo is a trendy roof-top restaurant that offers brunch and live music (yippee it seems to be spreading!) in the center of bustling Mumbai on Linking Road of all places and delivers just what it promises.

Bar. love. food.

The name, Bonobo, actually comes from a breed of pygmy chimpanzees (which explains the pink and yellow monkey’s on the little boy’s and little girl’s rooms) but the owners, Nevil & Sahil Timbadia, say it’s just to arouse curiosity. I love that all their bar staff is just as excited about getting you drunk as you are about getting you drunk! Perfect.

But what really did it for me was “Nikhil D’Souza and the Naked Tops” a super lounge band that sounds like a cross between John Mayer and Maroon 5 (which they cover very well by the way and you can hear loads of on their MySpace page) with an eye-candy lead that sings in the voice and style of Damien Rice.

Go rent the movie “Closer.” Now.

Till then watch the video of this fantabulous song (which they covered to perfection) called “The Blower’s Daughter” I can’t take my mind of of you… yup you said it.

One of the Naked Tops, Vinay Lobo (so named because they both have shaved head’s I’m presuming) made me feel all warm and fuzzy when I told him they were very good he told me I was very cute. (Score!) The other, Sankarshan Kini aka Shanks blew my mind with his insane ability to play just about every instrument possible. When I asked him how that happened, he smiled and said, “Just happened along the way.” Love that.





Sapna Bhavnani and Sameer “Daddy” Malhotra showed up to support the band, whistled, clapped, danced, delivered shots and filmed with infectious energy. Sapna even got all the girls to dance up front (much to the band’s delight) in exchange for “girlie songs” (how cute is she?! And seems like a much softer soul than her heavily tattooed exterior might lead you to believe.)








So where is all this talent suddenly coming out of the woodwork from? (Or have I been hanging out in all the wrong places?!) at any rate I love it and I’m waiting for my next Live and Loud fix. Bring it on!


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Channel [v] Launch Pad after party (unplugged)

The afterparty at Tequila Lounge, Mumbai was sick (that’s American for superfun) and featured a fab and much less Bollywood hangover act featuring Ankur Tewari & The Ghalat Family, Anushka Manchanda and Tough on Tabacco live and extremely plugged in! Slowly but surely the cast and crew of the Channel [v] Launch Pad Concert for Change rolled in and proceeded to get happily high on open bar and extra tunes. Here’s my night in pictures (since you liked my last photo journal so much) I give you the who’s who;




Anushka Manchanda is a singer and a VJ. I think I’ve watched her evolution with rapt intrigue since the time she won a spot in the girl band VIVA and even scored some corrective lip surgery turning her into the vivacious, quirky and very very funny songstress that she is today. I am a superfan of her just-for-fun song called “Asshole” and she even dedicated it to me last night!


Shikar is Anushka’s borther. Clearly there is no dearth of reality show talent in this family! Shikar’s band Reverse Polarity won the Launch Pad challenge and popped some champagne to celebrate at the after party. I love the fact that brother and sister both pick sneakers & boots as their preferred footwear. Comfy but with oodles of attitude!



You gotta love the fact that mom and dad came to the after party. Clearly proud and progressive the Manchadani’s have oodles of pride in their children. Not only did Anushka make it big now it looks like Shikar is on his way too. The bonus for mom was that’s it’s Mother’s Day today and it turned out it was her birthday too! (Of course Anushka kicked off a sing-a-long to celebrate!)



So I’ve mentioned how awesome Raghu Dixit is already. Everyone also commented on just how down to earth too. He told me once that the reason he isn’t picking up and moving to Mumbai is because he wants to “keep it real.” I like that.




Ankur Tewari is a very talented musician. He sings, he writes he comes into the radio station and plays live and unplugged. He was also kind of shy and nervous before his gig, he says he always is (which made me feel so much better about always being nervous before mine too.) Eventually he totally rocked it of course.  (Oh and he was previously dating Yana Gupta!)



Daddy aka Sameer Malhotra is responsible for creating the other live music venue I told you about (from scratch) in Mumbai. Formerly married to Sapna Bhavnani he now seems mostly in love with music and shows musicians of every form and design a lot of love! I’m not sure why everybody calls him Daddy but he doesn’t seem to mind.


Lola Kutty

Anuradha Menon aka Lola Kutty is the quick-witted comic character on Channel [v] that everyone just adores. In this case she was beauty off duty. But I strongly advise you check out her various shenanigans on YouTube!



Speaking of beauty on duty Juhi Pande is the most adorable VJ on Channel [v] that makes every boy do a double take. She’s spunky, she’s fun and surprisingly totally unaware of how hot she is (this probably makes her much more fun to be around.) I have heard both boys and girls comment on her sparkling charisma from time to time and have also noticed that she likes to dance with her shoes off.



For those of us who were blissfully unaware this is Rajiv. Raghu Ram’s twin brother. Raghu is the guy who scares the crap out of the MTV Roadies on a regular basis. (Don’t worry I did a double take too.) Turns out (as if Raghu wasn’t enough) his identical twin is part of the Roadies jury too! Their main hobby is to create hell for the Roadies as twin terrors. I personally found Rajiv wonderfully amicable but I’m told they both have tempers that would scare the pants off any unsuspecting lush who tries (too hard) to hit on a girl in their vicinity. Be warned creepies!


Vikram Sathaye is a comic too. He specializes in cricket humor and does some hilarious imitations. (I’ve also been lucky enough to see him do his “Salman Khan” and South Indian TV special.) Check him out here. Vikram and I used to work together at MTV what feels like a lifetime ago and he maintains that my lifestyle still gives him a headache.


Raghav Sachar is the multi-talented musician I’ve mentioned before. He’s currently shooting a brand new video I’ll give you a sneak peak of hopefully soon. He formerly dated Gauhar Khan until she decided to date the other Brit Asian rapper also called Raghav who’s not nearly as adorable as this one.



Mantra is a radio jockey and VJ who I initially wasn’t crazy about, in fact I just assumed he’d be annoying but I watched him do his thing on stage with Juhi yesterday and you have to hand it to him he’s a super emcee in Hindi especially. I guess it does take a certain kind of skill to be that guy and be it well so props to you Mantra. (I just don’t know about the scarf when its 45 degrees out.)



Sheetal Sudhir is the Creative Director at Channel [v]. Basically this was her baby and she managed to survive the hecticness with a sun stroke and a smile for shiny happy Bappi Lahiri. (On an aside, who do you think does his clothes?!) She did scoot off early from the after party to rest up for Sunday brunch at Bonobo, Mumbai and seemed mildly amused and pleased by the show in general. She also totally cracks me up.




I met Sid Coutto at my first radio job where he was having fun sound engineering. He’s since been part of three bands, Zero, Helga’s Funk Castle and now Tough on Tabacco. I’ve always loved this song of their’s called “Not my Kind of Girl” and admired his drumming skills but dude the boy can sing too! He rocked out at the after party to thunderous applause and quite clearly that certain something that all rockstars possess. (I particularly liked the little spin he took around stage between lyrics. Too cute.)


Even though Pentegram boycotted the concert Vishal Dadlani came to the after party since he was the primary judge I suppose that makes sense.



Amman was kind enough to let me into the MIP* section of the afterparty (where all the cool kids hang out) and saved me from being evicted by the bouncer (because I didn’t have the right stamp and its true I was technically MIP gate-crashing) twice. I don’t actually know what Amman does (or his last name) but I can tell you that he hurt his hand in a a karate competition and also his head by walking into a door. The fact that he shared this story quite sincerely makes me think that Amman is a rockstar. I was also momentarily confused as to which one was Amman after he and his buddy swapped hats and glasses a few times. (I realize in hindsight and the clarity of detox that I could have just gone by their clothes. Ah well.)

*Most Important Person just a notch above VVIP!






The Channel [v] crew were the first to hit the dance floor and the last to leave. Full props for the energy. As you can see my friend Ken passed out but thanks to my other friend Redbull, I did not! 🙂


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Channel [v] Launch Pad in Pictures

The Channel [v] Launchpad Concert for Change (and yes, the after party which we’ll get to in a bit) were something else…seriously what a night. Here’s your very own front row (and backstage) debrief!

VJs Mantra & Juhi

VJs Mantra & Juhi

Lola Kutty and Raghu Dixit

Lola Kutty and Raghu Dixit

Raghu Dixit Project

Raghu Dixit Project


So I got to the Andheri Sports Complex, Mumbai just in time to catch VJs Mantra and (the darling) Juhi Pande introduce the Raghu Dixit Project who proceeded to rip up the stage with their unique blend of folk rock music. Raghu man, what a performer. There’s some kind of magic in his music (I also love that his whole crew does the show barefoot in lungi’s and since he used to be a classical dancer he wears ghungroos, not that’s what you call coming to the party with bells on!) Backstage I caught Lola Kutty having one of her hilarious conversations with him pre-performance. And then we rocked it out to his music for the next half an hour.

My favorite tracks have to be:

“Hey Bhagwan” – The first video for the band ‘The Raghu Dixit Project’ premiered on MTV on 26th February 2008. The song is ‘Hey Bhagwan’ and it’s also their first single.

“No Man will Ever love you like I do”

“I am in Mumbai (and I’m waiting for a miracle)”

…you have GOT to hear them if you haven’t already.



Sheetal Sudhir - Creative Director Channel [v]

Sheetal Sudhir - Creative Director

You know this whole “party in the park” vibe is truly awesome. Half of the audience was chilling on the grass enjoying the music while the superfans up front screamed their lungs out in support (mostly of Reverse Polarity.) Its so cool to see gigs like this come together with a motley crew of performances ranging from young death metal bands to the sappy strains of of Bappi Da. All in all, just the right mix of cheese and talent to make it all quite memorable!


Reverse Polarity

The next band I caught was of course Reverse Polarity, a crowd favorite (and I’ll cut the suspense and tell you right now that they won! Now while this may not be my kind of music per say I can totally see how they would be all the rage with today’s youth. I also thought their whole silence-of-the-lambsish comment on politicians being liars and two faced “and so we wear these masks” was pretty intense but hey, way to take a stand! By the way Anushka Manchanda’s brother Shikar is part of the the band too. And while the siblings play totally different kinds of tunes it was cute to see full support and big love backstage.


Anushka and Shikar

The rest of the performances included Anushka herself filling in for Pentragram (who pulled a Pentegram and dropped out two days before the show because they weren’t crazy about sharing concert space with Bappi Lahiri.) She did a good ‘ol Bollywood song and dance routine but more than her moves I guarantee it was the mile high legs that the boys were admiring! Faridkot another one of the finalists sang their super popular love song “Laila” to a crowd that knew all the words. Soft rock Hindi-style, reminded me of all the supercool Pakistani boy bands like Strings and Jal. Kailash Kher and Bappi the king of disco Lahiri headlined the night to perfection. Suffice to say one look at him (and his bling bling) and you know you’re in for an unforgettable experience!

Bappi Lahiri

Bappi Lahiri


Bappi Lahiri on stage

Anushka Manchanda

Anushka Manchanda




Kailash Kher (centre)

Big B, Simpu Sir and SRK

Big B, Simpu Sir and SRK

Lola Kutty

Lola Kutty

Juhi Pande

Juhi Pande

Between the shenanigans backstage and the hilarious and excellent Simpu Sir adventures of an animated Sardar on the big screen I had a blast! Watch this space for the lo down on the after party set (with pictures of course) where everyone who spent all day doing this…


…finally got to chill out and do a little bit of this!



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Being Proactive Rocks!

proactiv2So for the most part it doesn’t take much for me to believe the hype about various products (which is why I frequently check into Amitabh Nanda’s excellent commentary on whattothink.) But the only time that I’ve actually been moved to call a 1-800 number and order off the tele shopping network was for what promised to be the miracle cure to adult acne. Not kidding. Proactive delivers everything it promises (and more) and I’m quite thrilled. VJ Juhi Pande mentioned to me that she’s a fan too (and I just read that Who’s the Boss darling Alyssa Milano was an acne victim too) clearly the word is spreading. So if you’re sick and tired of breaking out randomly (and usually at the most inopportune occasions) give it a shot. I promise you won’t regret it!

P.S. Also possible the one time Jessica Simpson knows what she’s talking about. Right Mr. Shady?



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Ready. Steady. Glow!

Aditya Hitkari, Divya Palat and Anu Menon of Lola Kutty fame

Aditya Hitkari, Divya Palat and Anu Menon of Lola Kutty fame

Junelia Aguiar and Ash Chadler

Junelia Aguiar and Ash Chadler

Last night was super fun! As predicted my stage fright didn’t last too long and Luke Kenny was loads of fun to co-host with. Amidst randomly giving out cases of Tiger beer to all my new best friends in the audience I was quite intrigued by the line up of Advaita (an eight- piece fusion band), Medusa (heavy/alternative metal) and Pentagram (everybody knows Pentegram.) Vishal Dadlani was in a happy place and good-humoredly rocked the incessant posing he was asked to do up in the VIP section. (I think when there aren’t enough “celebrities” to shoot the photogs get stir crazy, they even took my picture to the point that the multiple flashes gave me my first deer-in-headlights moment.) There was this one lady in a flouncy (is the only word that comes to mind) white dress who posed and preened to perfection, approved the digital pictures and then was on her way to mingle shingle. Amazing. (Pictures coming soon)

Pssst I hear there was a tiny bit of drama where Pentagram almost staged a walk out but then that got sorted out (which is probably why I’m alive to blog the tale today; trust me disappointed rock fans are generally violent rock fans!)


Matan Schabracq

Part two of my evening was spent at Zenzi Mills, Mumbai where Matan Schabracq hosted another one of his supercool theme parties to celebrate the official launch of the new Zenzi in town. The theme was white and florescent and people clearly went all out to adhere to the strict dress code. Matan himself loaded up on all sorts of party favors from his travels to ensure everyone had a costume (and no excuse.) The party was officially off the paparazzi radar so I’m not going to get into any celebrity spotting (that and the fact that after 4 vodka Redbulls and 2 kamakazi’s everyone looked like this…)


Amid lots of random posing and a hilarious conversation about new age combovers I had a total blast and enjoyed the whole bizarre dress up thanks to my friend Sheetal who scoped Linking Road, Bandra for anything that glows. Heck even the paparazzi got into the spirit of the party and was walking around looking like this…


Me, Sheetal & Navraj Lehl

Me, Sheetal & Navraj Lehl



Rebecca & Ashwin Mushran

Rebecca & Ashwin Mushran

Ash Chandler

Ash Chandler

(I think I might rock the pink extensions again tonight just for kicks!) I also heard a snatch of Ash Chandler’s new bit on the Hrithik  & Susanne Roshan drama something to the effect of …so she moves into her in-laws and he rushes home from South Africa and finally gets everyone believe the “termite” story, everything is going so well until Barbara Mori comes out and says, “who the hell are you calling a terminte?!” Love it.

Juhi Pande

Juhi Pande

And just as I was leaving I caught Juhi Pande outside and was admiring her new (even shorter) chic haircut when some dude “excuse me, excuse me’s” his way over to her to say something amazing cheesy like “Is your name innocence?” (Like I said, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.)


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